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Choosing The Right Putter Can Be Difficult With Advances In Technology

Scratch has decided he needs a new hot Tour putter, but selecting the right one is like selecting the right car, especially in men's heads. Both come with standard options, but is standard what he wants or does he need something more? Even though it's just steel, brands need to be considered, Civic vs BMW, or Nike vs Adams. The alignment needs to be checked. Does the car drive in a straight line, or will the golf putter's alignment line up with what Scratch’s needs are? But most of all, how does the steering wheel or the club’s grip feel in his hands. The new hot item may not be the club that feels the best.

Scratch heads down to the Pro Shop to search for his new purchase. He makes a b-line directly to the men's section and stares at the wall of golf putters. Their selective alignment on the wall does not look like a standard set up, but is breathtaking anyway for this avid golfer. Anxiety builds as Scratch reaches for an Odyssey golf White Hot putter. This Pro Shop has a playability guarantee, and a high customer rating, so Scratch knows he will be able to find the solution to his problem.

Scratch drops a Titleist ball onto the putting green in the middle of the store. The head connects with the golf ball smoothly. The ball follows a straight line for the cup, but begins to move left. Is this poor alignment, or just poor skill? Maybe this isn't the club for him. He asks one of the golf pros about his problem. The pro exclaims that the alignment on that particular club was very good, but perhaps the head was too big for Scratch, and threw off his swing and altered the line which the golf ball traveled.

Golf Putter

Scratch heads back to the wall. The shiny, steel shaft of the more standard Cleveland club catches his eye. The smaller head may be what he needs. He selects the club, heads back to the putting green, and begins to sink ball after ball. This may not be the new, hottest stick he was looking for, but it is definitely the one that fits him the best.

Upon check-out, Scratch heads out to grab a tee time. Unfortunately there is a men’s amateur tournament going on, and the line is too long.

Scratch climbs back into his car with mixed feelings. He found the best stick for him, but he really wishes he had a chance to use it. Perhaps he will be able to be able to practice with his future purchase tomorrow.

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