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Choosing The Right Golf Putter

It was a routine Wednesday golf outing on the greens for Scratch and his caddie Sniff. Scratch has just sank a 30 foot putt on a left slant, when Sniff had a great idea; “Scratch! You should enter the U.S. Putting Championship! You’re the best putter this side of the Neolithic Age!”

Scratch began to mull over the possibility as he handed Sniff his Ping golf putter. Scratch was known for his supreme accuracy on the greens, frequently cited as the best men’s putter in The Stone Age. Scratch wondered aloud “You know, maybe I could enter the Putting Championship! But to do that I have to make sure my green game is solid, with perfect accuracy, and that all begins by choosing the right men’s putter!”

What makes a putter right for someone? Is it the MOI? Or does it simply come down to comfort? Ping? Nike? There are so many choices, and options to consider, when beginning to contemplate making the move towards a new club. Improving your game on the greens can be the key to shooting the best score of your life. The greens are a place where championships can be won, or consequently, lost. So its no wonder that everyone wants to know what is the best golf putter for them? A heavy mallet putter helps to add more MOI, helping to turn a two putt par into a one putt birdie. The right golf putter makes all the difference when trying to improve your game; maybe sending you to the U.S. Putting Championship like Scratch!

Golf Putters

Walking to the next green, Scratch began to wonder what putter would be right for him? He considered a heavy putter for the extra MOI; or a mallet putter which gave him the same MOI without sacrificing the lightweight feel he loved. Of course Scratch, being the RockBottom spokesman and all, knew he could find whatever golf putter he desired at an incredible discount. From a heavy Ping putter to a men’s mallet putter, Scratch knew he could hit the greens while saving a little green himself with Rock Bottom discounts.

No matter what, Scratch knew to always remember that the best golf club for him would be whatever made him comfortable. Scratch may not win the U.S. Putting Championship but one thing’s for certain about our cave dwelling master of the greens, he certainly knew where to go to find all the best name brand discount putters.

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