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Finding New Golf Balls And Discounts Online

Discount Golf Balls Scratch has been trying to figure out which new golf balls to sell on his website. He has given Titleist and Callaway new golf balls a shot. And while pleased, he has to take into account the price he can get them for, and the price he can offer them to his consumers. Generally the new golf balls he has been looking at have been in a dozen pack. He recently came across Links Choice, which refurbishes recycled golf balls. They re-coat the balls and re-paint the logos on. The price per dozen golf balls is heavily discounted, and they come in a two dozen pack.

How do the recycled golf balls hold up against new golf balls? Scratch decides to grab his caddy, Sniff, and once again hit the driving range. They each grab a dozen Callaway, Titleist and Bridgestone new golf balls and then Scratch grabs a 2 dozen pack of Callaway, Titleist and Bridgestone recycled golf balls that he will split up between the two of them when they get to the driving range.
Once they arrive, the two begin inspecting the balls and comparing them to the recycled ones. They both look the same. They have identical coatings, dimples and logos. But does that mean they are the same ball? The two line up the balls and plan to alternate shots between the new and the recycled ones. First up was Callaway. With a dozen back to back comparisons, Scratch and Sniff were pleased with how the recycled balls held up. They flew true to their logo. Next up was Titleist. Again, both were pleased with how they compared to the new balls of the same logo. Lastly, The Bridgestone golf balls yielded the same results. Scratch was pleased with his findings, but unsure of how willing consumers would be to purchase refurbished or recycled balls even with a 2 dozen pack price that could compare to a single dozen pack price of new golf balls. Scratch decides to carry all three brands, Callaway, Titleist, and Bridgestone. He will continue to look for the best discounts and price on both though.
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