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Golf Iron Selection Brings Light at a New Website

Golf Irons Scratch is friends with a few ladies, and they come to him for their golfing advice. They ask him all sorts of questions, and recently about the golf iron. They want to know what accessories to get, the different categories of clubs, if they should get a whole set or piece by piece, or if they should get brand name, or custom clubs. They are also always asking for a review on different items.

Since Scratch is an all knowing caveman, he is more than willing to help. And if he doesn’t know the answer, he is willing to cheat and look it up. He turns quite often to the internet because it rocks. There are sports websites that have everything; golf iron sets, great prices, and product reviews. He find a particularly custom looking one. Everything on this website is split up into categories so he can search for an individual piece, or even by wholesale. The company also offers custom rocks, and even accessories with Scratch himself on them, and their ladies selection is ever growing.

Betty, Scratch’s favorite lady friend, is searching for a new golf iron. Scratch directs her to the website he was looking at earlier. They sit in front of the computer. Ladies gear is all under its own category heading. They click on the heading, and go down to the golf iron sets page. Numerous brands show up; Nike, Callaway, Odyssey. But which should Betty choose? Scratch points out the review under each piece, as well as the review for the website itself. Betty begins to stray, and starts looking at accessories. While she is off in golf accessory world, Scratch’s eyes wander to the whole sale category tag near the top.
If Scratch started buying in wholesale, he could start his own sports gear website, but what would he call it? Rock Bottom Golf… of course, he lives in a rock cave, and he would strive to deliver Rock Bottom prices. Scratch kicks Betty out of the pilot chair, and begins to research wholesale. He comes up with a plan to start with accessories, and then spread to other golf custom categories. Scratch quickly makes his first whole sale purchase and sets up shop.

Scratch’s reviews come pouring in. Rock Bottom Golf is a hit. Even with the ladies. His website expands and grows, encompassing golf irons and other golf categories. And rather than buying them piece by piece, he buys wholesale so he can pass the bargain onto his Rock Heads. He models Rock Bottom Golf after other awesome websites while making improvements of his own. Now his friends really do come to him for golf iron advice, as well as all other golfing equipment!
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