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Ladies Sunglasses Prevent Injuries On The Golf Course

Ladies Sunglasses At the ladies tournament this weekend, Scratch’s friend, Tabitha, was staring directly into the sun. The ultraviolet light had momentarily blinded her when out of the corner in of her eye, she saw a darkened color object, which then struck her upside the head. She collapsed to the green immediately in an overly dramatic fashion. Scratch ran over quickly to comfort her, and to discuss what had happened. Kelly yelled “Fore” he said. But Tabitha had been too focused on the sun and wishing she had a pair of women’s sunglasses to notice, day dreaming about fashion rather than paying attention to the ball whizzing towards her head.

Luckily for her, the ball hit her club before striking the side of her head, and while it didn’t provide much comfort, the ultraviolet light from the sun probably did more damage than the ball itself, and a bruise in darkened red color began to appear. As the other ladies began to scramble in, Scratch told her that he would buy her a pair of women’s sunglasses to make her feel better. She decided that she wanted a pair of Adidas or D&G sunglasses.
After a few days, Tabitha’s bruise healed and she felt like she could go out into the public. Scratch took her to the a women’s sunglasses outlet to pick up her out a couple pair to suit her fashion tastes. The first pair she chose was actually a pair of blue Nike womens sunglasses with darkened lenses. They offered protection from the sun and ultraviolet light. Plus the style was sure to fit all of her fashion needs and make the other ladies jealous.

She also found a pair of Sundog womens sunglasses that she was really fond of. At first Scratch was reluctant to purchase more than one pair for her, but after seeing the image of the ball strike the side of her head in the manner that it did he decided that he could splurge a bit for her. Tabitha was extremely grateful and planned on using these sunglasses to prevent any further injury from sun blindness and shanked balls. But who knows, she still doesn’t have a hat.
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