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Caveman Itch Makes Me Want A New Golf Club Set

So I woke up this morning and got an itch. Looking about my cave I saw a bunch of golf club sets scattered about. I have all sorts of different brands. Taylormade, Nike, Callaway. Some are complete; some are missing drivers, wedges or putters. I am fond of the mix and match strategy, but I like to keep my iron brands together, generally the same with the woods. All of these clubs made my itch grow.

I am always on the look-out for that next great bargain, the best discount golf sets I can find to add to my collection. I love browsing clearance sections, and I am not the only one who shares this passion. A few of my lady friends often join me on the adventure. I guess its true, even cavewomen love shopping!

It's January. It's cold and it's dark. Maybe this is what is causing my Itch to grow, but whatever it is I think I need to find a way to satisfy it. Perhaps some new irons or a wood would make me feel satisfied again until I can make it back onto the links, or perhaps I will need a complete golf club set. Either way I think I am going to have to go discount or clearance shopping.

After Reading some reviews in the local paper, I decided to call up one of my lady friends, Wilma, and ask her if she would like to check out the discount golf set market that just opened up near the Rock Quarry. Don't worry, I am well aware that she is married, but maybe she can get something on clearance for that husband of hers.

Complete Golf Club Set

Ugh, I hate playing golf with Fred. He sits there, pretends to review every possible angle. Switches back and forth between, iron, wood, and wedge, basically goes through his complete golf club set before choosing his weapon. He swings, of course misses. His temper is so short that he starts flinging putters and uttering words most men never would. He takes all of the fun and playability out of the game.

But I digress. The lady friend and I went on our adventure for golf club sets. Since she had also read good reviews about the discount golf set market, we decided to try our luck there. We walked directly to the discount rack. They had the most amazing Callaway golf club set I had seen in a while. And it was on clearance! I immediately thought to myself that I had to have it. But I needed to see what else was available. I came across some excellent Nike irons, some Taylormade woods, and a couple of fantastic hybrids, nothing compared to that Callaway discount golf set though. It was complete, and had everything I needed, and would look forward to on my first day back on the course in the spring.

By the time I made it back to the rack, it was gone. I should have "bought it when I saw'd it." I guess I will have to settle for odds an ends. Maybe I will get that Nike 5 iron and that Taylormade 3 wood, but looks like I wont be getting a complete golf club set today.

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