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Discount Orlimar Golf Gear

What Makes Orlimar Golf Equipment So Unique?

Orlimar's philosophy when it comes to making golf equipment is simple – create the perfect club. They accomplish this by developing breakthrough technology and applying it to their golf equipment.  They work closely with golfers so that the design of their golf equipment enhances your performance. Orlimar’s passion for golf equipment comes out when you use their golf equipment. Check out Orlimar Golf!

The Orlimar Fury QB Square Driver (shown below, left) features a square shape head that helps give you more moment of inertia. The shape helps the club twist less when you swing so that you can hit a golf ball better. The Orlimar Green Genie Golf Balls (shown below, center) have core deformation and lower compression so that you get more energy at golf ball impact. These balls will give you an optimum launch angle, trajectory, and a much better ball flight. The Orlimar H830 Hybrid Iron/Graphite (shown below, right) is made out of Alpha 300 stainless steel material. This hybrid has a weight profile improves control and playability so that you have a more confidence when your on the green.

Rock Bottom Golf is honored to provide its customers with Orlimar Golf equipment at deep discount prices. To see a complete list of our discount Orlimar Golf equipment, please click here. Please note: Our Orlimar Golf inventory changes on a daily basis. In many cases, the Orlimar Golf item that you see is the LAST ONE available. Once these Orlimar Golf deals are gone you will never see them again at these discount prices. Make sure you check in with us often, so you do not miss out on the BEST DEALS for Orlimar golf equipment!!!


Below are a few of the Orlimar Golf Equipment that you can find at Rock Bottom Golf

Orlimar Golf - Fury QB Square Driver

Orlimar Golf - Green Genie Golf Balls Orlimar Golf - H830 Hybrid Iron/Graphite Iron


Orlimar Drivers

Hip-Ti Driver

HTi440 Driver

 Fury Square Driver

Orlimar Fairway Woods

Tri Metal Fairway Wood

TriMetal Fairway Wood

TriMetal Plus Fairway Wood

HipSteel Fairway Wood

VT830 Fairway Wood


Orlimar Golf Bags

Orlimar Golf Cart Bag

Orlimar Golf Stand Bag

Orlimar Hybrids

H830 Hybrid

Orlimar Irons

HipSteel Irons

TriMetal Ironss

TriMetal Plus Irons


Orlimar Golf Equipment Reviews/Ratings

Orlimar HTi440 Driver 5 Star Rating!
This driver is the easiest to hit that I own! The HTi440 makes a nice sound at ball impact and packs a ton of sidespin. I really like this driver and its priced just right! Ken in New York 4/27/07 - Get an Orlimar HTi440 Driver

Orlimar TriMetal Plus Driver5 Star Rating!
This is by far the sweetest fairway I have ever hit. This club has it all - looks, solid feel, and a it gives off a nice sound when it hits a golf ball. The value is truly unbeatable - affordable enough for anyone to add to their golf gear. Brandon in South Carolina 76/3/02 - Get an Orlimar TriMetal Plus Driver

Orlimar H830 Hybrid 5 Star Rating!
I picked the Orlimar H830 Hybrid up for a good price. I really like how this hybrid looks. It has a square face with a slightly onset profile. This club is very heavy and I can feel it throughout my swing which are longer now since I have been using this hybrid. Carlos from California 8/31/06 - Get an Orlimar H830 Hybrid

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