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Scratch Almost Crashes While Looking For Mens Golf Wedges

Mens Golf Wedges
Lately, Scratch has been having a few issues getting from the fairway to the green. Needing some new clubs to help with his short game, he began to look at mens golf wedges. Scratch didnít have a ton of cash until he got paid next, but really wanted to the wedges to practice with before the big tournament coming up, so he was keeping an eye out for a discount that he could take advantage of.

Scratch shuffled his caddy, Sniff, into his green car and headed uptown towards the discount golf club shops. Sniff had brought with him a few snacks, and while trying a chip, he dropped a few crumbs on the car floor. Scratch quickly lost grip of the steering as he tried desperately to grab for the crumbs, almost causing them to crash into the steel mill.

Luckily, the pair made it alive, and entered the discount store. Immediately Scratch was drawn to a set of Adams mens golf wedges with steel shafts and green grips. He wasnít sure how he felt about the color of the grips, but if they helped his short game and helped him chip up onto the courseís green, then would be pleased. The Adams price was nearly unbeatable. It didnít take long, however for Sniff to point out a few Wilson mens golf wedges. The Wilson wedges were also at a great price, but with a graphite shaft instead of steel, and a more neutral color grip.

Scratch wasnít sure which set of mens golf wedges to grab. Did he want the Adams with the steel shafts or the Wilson with the graphite? There was really only one way to decide this. He purchased them both, and was going to have to mess around with his short game to see which golf wedges he likes the most. Hopefully he will be ready for the tournament coming up.
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