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Scratch And His Golf Cart Bag Dilemma

Golf Cart Bags While golfing, Scratch generally likes to walk, but since he loves golf cart bags, it’s a bit more difficult unless he brings his push cart. He likes the cart bags so much because of the amount of dividers they have, the clubs they can hold, and all of the pockets for his golfin’ gear. Over the years, Scratch has collected numerous golf cart bags with brands ranging from Ogio to Nike, and even some that are fully personalized. He is always on the look out for the next great offer.

Scratch and Sniff decided to go out for Sunday round. Scratch drove last week, so he was waiting for Sniff to offer to drive this week, but he never did. A little upset, Scratch decided to just suck it up and offer. Sniff accepted without any hesitation, apparently he was either selfish, or just didn’t like to drive. But when they rented a cart, he was always more than willing to get behind the wheel. The pair loaded up Scratch’s car with his personalized Nike and Sniff’s personalized Ogio golf cart bags. Each divider filled with their clubs, and each pocket filled with balls, tees and divot tools.

They got into Scratch’s car and begin to drive to the golf club. During the trip, Scratch was attempting to reach into the pocket of his Nike shorts to pull out a personalized note he had received from one of his lady friends when he hit the road divider. The bump caused the golf bags to fly around and Sniff’s Ogio bag ended up in the back seat. Luckily all of the clubs stayed put in each of their dividers.
When they arrived at the course, Sniff realized that he had forgotten his push cart. So he made the offer to pay for a rental cart, which he of course would want to drive. Scratch felt like he did it on purpose, and was getting very irritated with his caddy, but his Nike and Sniff’s Ogio golf cart bags were too heavy to carry over the entire course. Since he had made it, Scratch took him up on the offer to pay. But the long walks were one of his favorite parts of the golfing experience. So if he was going to keep playing with Sniff, he was going to probably have to either give up walking, or give his golf cart bags.
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