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Scratch And Sniff Try To Find Mens Golf Apparel For Their Vacation

Scratch and his caddy, Sniff, were going on a golf vacation next week. So they decided that they need some new mens golf apparel and took a trip to the outlet mall to check out some of the clothing stores. Each of the two needed different articles of clothing. Scratch wanted some new shirts. Sniff wanted some more shorts. And they both wanted some pants and outerwear in case it got cold. Each also had their own choice colors. Scratch was fond of earth tones, and Sniff loved his neon colors. They were hoping to find a golf clothing store, a one-stop-shop for all their mens golf apparel needs.

They were wandering around for a while looking for the perfect golf clothing store when Scratch saw some polo shirts in a window that he liked. Scratch walked in began to try a few of the shirts on. Sniff looked around for some shorts, but didnít see anything he liked. He was also incredibly impatient and wanted to wander around and find a clothing store that sold shorts that he liked. But just as he was about to leave, Scratch decided on a few Nike polo shirts, blue and green in color.

After he had cashed out, the pair continued on their search for mens golf clothes. It wasnít long before Scratch came across another window set with more shirts that he could potentially like. Sniff hated shopping, and told him not until he had found some shorts. They went into the golf clothing store anyway. Upon entering, Sniff was pleasantly surprised with some Loudmouth pants that he saw on sale, that were definitely in colors he would wear. Scratch was also able to find a few pairs of pants that he liked, as well as a couple more shirts.

Mens Golf Apparel

Sniff was still without his shorts, and both were without their outerwear so they continued to look for another golf apparel store. After wandering the mall for a while longer, the two decided that they had exhausted the shopping center and were going to drive around to see if they could find an actual golf pro shop. Maybe a pro shop would have the rest of what they need. After about 30 minutes of driving, Scratch remembered his favorite website,

Scratch sped his car home. They signed onto the internet and logged onto the website. Sniff found the shorts he was looking for. They both found the outerwear in the colors they wanted. They even got a few more pair of pants to go along with their new outfits. The online golf clothing store also had some great deals and helped them stock up on the golf clothes that they needed for their vacation. They just wish they had remembered it sooner.

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