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Scratch Dreams About Using His Golf Irons

Golf Irons It’s the dead of winter and Scratch is starting to feel the cabin fever set in. He is beginning to get restless. He takes his Nike tour brand hybrid club outside and attempts to whack a few snowballs. Hopefully the temperature will warm up a few degrees soon. Scratch has been itching to use his new Callaway brand golf iron set. He got a great deal on this set, and doesn’t want to waste them on snow balls. He is waiting, but doesn’t know if he can wait any longer.

Scratch lies down on the couch to watch the PGA Tour players at the Accenture WGC. At least they are in a place that is warm. He peacefully watches the tour players as they carefully go over their bags to choose the right club out of their golf iron set. They take into account the degree of the club for each lay of the ball before pulling the golf irons out of their brand name bags. As the tour champion takes his time choosing between his nike hybrid or his sand wedge, Scratch begins to drift off into sleep. His body warms up a few degrees, and in no time, he is playing on the PGA Tour in Tucson, Arizona.
Scratch’s Tour Bag is filled with his Callaway brand golf iron set, and his heart leaps with anticipation. He can feel the sun beating down on his face. The 80 degree weather is causing sweat to bead up underneath his beard. This is the perfect day to play. Even if its just a dream Scratch is at home on the golf course. Scratch takes out his Callaway Big Bertha driver, and takes a crack at the first ball. It lands solidly on the fairway. Which club should he use next? Maybe that Nike hybrid he was using earlier on snow balls. But does it have the loft degrees needed to place the ball on the green? Only one way to find out. Scratch grips the club in his hands and lines up with the ball. It makes it's way to the green, 15’ from the hole. Scratch lines up with his Callaway putter, swings smoothly, and watches the ball glide towards the hole. The ball begins to teeter on the edge, and that’s when he wakes up.

A little unsettled by being woken up just as his ball was about to sink, Scratch sits up. He looks around disheartened to see snow on the ground, but the dream was relaxing. He takes it as a sign that Spring is almost here, and the will be able to use his Callaway brand golf iron set soon. Maybe he will put the clubs in his bag and head out to the indoor driving range, where he can get a some practice in.
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