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Scratch Examines Left Handed Golf Drivers

One of the most recognizable south paw clubs is the left handed golf drivers. Their design has advanced so far that allow companies like Cleveland and Nickent to deliver maximum power and performance for that extra distance when hitting the ball. Since average drive distance has increased significantly in the past decade or so Scratch decided he wanted to see if it was really the result of the improved production design or because of the improved form that golfers were beginning to apply to their performance.

Scratch first went shopping, in order to round up as many left handed golf drivers as he could from a bunch of different makers like Cleveland and Nickent so he could put complete his test. He was going to pit new left handed golf drivers against old ones with the same south paw golfers and see if their driving performance of the ball improved. He wanted to see if they had increased power and maximum distance.

Scratch went to the local golf course and asked for participants to come with him to the driving range. He then asked them to bring their old drivers with them, stating that he would supply them with the new ones. When the golfers showed up, he handed them each a Cleveland Diablo or Nickent 4DX driver. He asked them to hit 10 balls with their old clubs, then switch to the new left handed golf drivers that he had supplied. He wanted them to repeat the process twice and record their maximum distance, and whether or not they felt the design gave them more power and better performance.

Left Handed Golf Drivers

Many of the golfers did increase their driving distance of the balls with the newer drivers. After watching the golfers attempt their drive, he decided that while the design is great and can improve maximum power, golf is a feel game, the south paw golfers needed to train with the newer left handed golf drivers in order to achieve the best performance out of them. They couldn’t just pick one up and expect to be able to be great first thing.

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