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Scratch Finds Sunglasses With UV Protection A Relief On The Course

Oakley Sunglasses Ever since moving to Virginia, Scratch has had a problem with sun on the golf course. Yes, there was sun in NY, but he never felt it as intensely, definitely not with such a strong desire to have UV protection. He decided that it was time for him to look into buying a pair of golf sunglasses. He wasn’t sure what to get, so he was going to have to investigate a bit both on and off the course. Style was a little important to this caveman, so maybe a brand name frame like Sundog or Oakley was going to be needed, but he also wanted something that was lightweight, had great lenses and came at a good price.

A lot of Scratch’s new found friends recommended that he get polarized lenses, which may make it easier to spot the ball and can also come with UV protection. In order to keep his eyes in good shape so he can spot the pin. His Caddy, Sniff, who also moved down with him, has always had a great sense of style, but a keen eye for price. He rocks some Nike golf sunglasses, which have a lightweight frame and interchangeable lenses, which make it easy to interchange the tint depending on the weather.
When searching for golf sunglasses online, Sundog and Oakley populated the list, each with tons of styles to choose from and varying base price points. Most of these offered UV Protection, although some did not, which frustrated the caveman, because it seemed like something he could very easily overlook while shopping online for a pair of golf sunglasses. While Scratched liked the idea of a lightweight frame, that wasn’t as important to him as the style and lenses.

With all of these options for golf sunglasses; whether they were in style, frame designers, different lenses, UV protection levels, lightweight or a bit heavier and all of different prices, Scratch couldn’t decide, so he did the next best thing. He opened up a section on his golfing gear website devoted to golf sunglasses and began to buy them up by the bulk. Giving him and his customers an even better price and allowing him to try out a bunch of different kinds. Come check them out and grab up your favorite pair!
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