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Scratch Helps His Friends Get Some Short Irons At A Good Price

Golf Irons A few friends of Scratch wanted to know how to get golf short Irons at a good price so he decided to take them on a field trip to the local golf gear store. They all put on their shoes and then piled into Scratch’s car and began the journey. The Golf Store is near the steel mill on the edge of town , probably around a 30 minute drive, and has everything from golf irons to shoes and both men’s and women’s apparel. It also has a huge clearance section, the main focus on the trip.

After they arrive, Sniff, Scratch’s caddy and friend, heads directly to the men’s apparel section and begins trying on some new Nike shoes . Niblick, Scratch’s other friend, meanders over to the clearance golf short Irons. Short irons are generally the 8, 9 irons as well as the pitching and sand wedges. As the Name short irons implies. They have a shorter shaft, either steel or graphite, and are used to hit the ball about 145 yards or less.
Scratch tells Niblick, that a perimeter weighted club with a low center of gravity and a beveled edge will enable you to move the club head through the ball and the ground, without digging the club head down too deep. So Niblick begins looking at some clearance Nickent short irons. He takes out the 9 iron and rubs his hand over the edge. It seems beveled enough. The Steel shaft makes it slightly heavier than its graphite counter part, but Niblick doesn’t seem to mind, especially because the price is right. He lines up the toes of his shoes and begins to swing the club back and forth. He gently sits it back down, and moves onward to a set of men’s Callaway short irons. These also have steel shafts, but a much more beveled edge, and their weight is more focused on the perimeter. The price difference is only a few dollars, and seems to be worth it for him, but he has to be sure. He lines up his shoes and swings again. This feels right to him. He grabs the Callaway Short Irons and heads back to the men’s apparel section.

Scratch is already there trying on some random apparel, and Sniff is still trying on shoes. The three begin to browse the men’s golf apparel clearance section. They find some great items at a great price, but they only have so much money. It’s strange to think that their steel currency is made out of the same material as golf clubs. Which apparel items do they want? Scratch is definitely getting a new hat, Sniff has collected a new pair of shoes, and a couple of shirts, and Niblick is content with his new short irons. They make their way to the cash register to check out. It has been another exciting day in the golf shopping life of Scratch and his friends.
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