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Scratch Investigates How Mens Golf Shoes Can Improve Your Game

This had been an especially long week for Scratch and he was looking forward to relaxing golf outing with his caddy, Sniff, and a couple of their friends, Chip and Bogey. Before this round, Scratch had never really given any thought to mens golf shoes, or their effect on performance. Little did he know, that was all about to change.

Scratch was the first one to get to the course. While he was waiting for the rest of his group to arrive, he began the different styles of mens golf shoes he saw. They ranged everywhere from Footjoy to Nike or Adidas. Scratch was wearing a pair of smooth black Ecco Casual Cools, but began to wonder if there was more to the golf shoes than just the styles. Did they effect performance?

Sniff arrived next. Scratch watched his feet as he approached. He was also wearing smooth black mens golf shoes, but they weren’t Ecco Casual Cools, like his own. Instead, they were Nike. Sniff noticed that Scratch was looking at his feet, and wondered if there was something wrong. Scratch explained that he was curious as to whether or not the golf shoes had an effect on their performance. Remembering that they wore the same shoe size, suggested that they switch for the round, and so they did.

Mens Golf Shoes

Chip and Bogey were walking up as Scratch and Sniff were exchanging their shoes, and of course they began to ask questions. Since each of them was also wearing different styles, they decided to trade theirs as well, and see if they changed their performance. Chip gave his smooth black FootJoy shoes to Bogey, who in return gave Chip his Adidas kicks.

The quad played through the round in each others shoes. Each agreed that while the styles of the shoes were each unique and three of them were smooth black, they liked their own shoes the best. Scratch liked his Ecco casual cools, Sniff preferred his Nike Golf shoes. Chip and Bogey each respectively liked their Footjoy and Adidas shoes. Golf is a game of feel, which ever styles make you feel the most comfortable and confident is the shoe that will help your performance the most.

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