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Scratch Is Feeling Like A Pro With His Golf Staff Bag

Golf Staff Bags Scratch’s online golf business began to blossom. He expanded outward from clubs and balls to golf tour bags and accessories, and tons of brands including Ogio and Powerbilt. He hired on a staff to help him find even more authentic gear and update the websites features. The amount of storage space in his cave shrank fairly rapidly, and he began to look for a bigger one, perhaps with full length dividers between cave sections to make it easier to categorize the golf tour bags and accessories that were in storage.

As of the other day, Scratch’s staff consisted of his caddy, Sniff, and their friend, Toad. Toad was sent on a mission to find Powerbilt and Ogio golf tour bags. With the help of Sniff, he found some excellent staff bags with full length dividers and tons of pockets to hold accessories as well as other great features. These bags were durable, and well built. The only problem was that he ordered too many! When the golf staff bags arrived, the trio noticed that they had run completely out of storage room

Scratch knew that even if he placed the golf tour bags as features on his website and offered a great discount price, he was going to need a bigger cave with more storage soon. He started checking the real estate section feverishly. He found an authentic vintage cave with great features and even had 14 sections with full length dividers that ran from the ceiling down to the floor. Scratch flew through the purchase process, and he and his staff quickly began to move the golfin gear to the new location. They couldn’t decide if they should separate by gear type like golf tour bags and golfing accessories or by brand names like Ogio and Powerbilt.
It took a bit of work, but eventually the staff had figured out a system. Scratch was pleased with his new location, and couldn’t wait to expand his business even more. More storage space meant more discount golfing features on the website.
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