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Scratch Needs A New Wedge To Work On His Short Game

Scratch has gotten driving down, his iron and fairway wood skills are also pretty decent, but what he has really been lacking in is his short game. He has plenty of putters but he is really lacking in golf wedges. While looking around the caveman found numerous sets, but none of them are as complete as he would like. He already has a pitching wedge in his iron sets, but needs to find a lob, sand, gap and approach wedge in which to attack the green. He has also seen talks about a new 64 degree loft high lob.

Scratch decided to take his time in figuring out which golf wedges to acquire because he has heard that they are an important part of the game, and each manufacturer like Nike or Callaway makes them a bit differently. Since he has spent a lot of time in the sand, he knew a sand wedge was a definite must, he also knew that he needed a lob wedge to help accompany his Taylor Made pitching wedge.

He wasn’t as familiar with the high lofted attack wedge which is used to approach the green at a a better angle. One of the Callaway sets that Scratch was looking at had the lob, sand and gap wedge, but was missing the approach. He had thought about purchasing the set and then buying a few attack golf wedges separately in order to complete his bag.

This is exactly what he decided to do. When the Callaway golf wedges arrived (he had them shipped to his house because he bought them at, one of the best places to buy golfing gear online) he immediately took them out onto the golf course to see if he was able to shave a few strokes off of his round.

Golf Wedges

Scratch loved the feel of the lob wedge, and it wasn’t long before Scratch found himself in a sand trap. He also greatly appreciated the gap wedge. It was, however, going to take time to get the hang of the attack with his approach wedge. He kept hitting the ball too high, and up and over the green.

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