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Scratch Ponders Golf Bags

Golf Bags As a caveman, Scratch has been around for a long time. He is always amazed with the way technology takes things. Recently, he has been astonished by golf bags, remembering a time when he carried his clubs around by a leather strap. Golfers now-a-days are spoiled with their stand bags to carry, and their push carts for when they are feeling lazy. They even have custom bags to put your tour or staff golf bags in to protect them when they travel. Sure, some of the golf bags might have a higher price than that leather strap, but they are generally well worth it.

He loves how convenient the golf bags are. A few months back, Scratch had been asked to do a tour of a few golf clubs. Generally Scratch was a walking golfer, but he liked to have his stand bag handy. However, since he was on the road, he couldn’t easily pack his push cart, so instead he packed the staff bag that he could easily carry. He found a great price on a Caddy Daddy travel case to protect his clubs when moved to each location on the tour.

Since Scratch did have a great Bag Boy push cart, which he also nabbed from at a great price, he wasn’t used to having to carry his golf bags. By the end of the first few days he could barely stand. The extra weight from his custom Nike staff bag took a toll on his legs and back. He thought he might have to cut the tour short, so he began to check the price on renting golf carts, or at least a good push cart.
Scratch actually found a great deal on a good push carts which allowed him to continue walking, and not have to carry his custom staff bag. He even decided to purchase another stand bag for the duration of the tour. Unfortunately the travel bag could only fit one of the golf bags into, so Scratch had to decide which one he wanted to be protected during the flight home. He chose the staff bag, since it was custom and had his name on it.
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