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Scratch Ponders The Difference In Protein Supplements

Protein Supplements Scratch was told that while trying to bulk up, he should consume as many grams of protein as he weighs in kilograms. He went in search of a supplement that could meet his needs, but has been faced with numerous choices. There were shakes, and powders to drink. And then there were different kinds of protein isolates like whey, egg, casein and soy. But which one was the best, and what was the difference?

Casein is derived from dairy, and is nicknamed slow protein. This is mostly because the casein forms what is basically a blob in the stomach allowing for a slower digestion. The slower digestion means that there is a steady stream of protein going into the bloodstream, and helping to disable muscle breakdown that may occur, and gives cells a longer time to absorb all of it.

Whey isolate is 20% dairy and therefore, like casein, contains calcium, which helps promote dental and bone health, as well as aiding the consumer in weight loss. It is the most soluble of the protein types and usually found in drink or shake form. Whey comes in a bunch of flavors and is generally the most expensive. Because of its solubility, whey is quickly digested and absorbed, causing a large spike in the amount found in the body. It is generally used in the post work out stak, during the 30 minute anabolic window.
Soy isolate is from soy beans, and is non-animal. It has an antioxidant quality that can help prevent free radicals and aids in the prevention of cancer. Soy is also free of cholesterol, fat and helps support a healthy immune system. It has been shown to be very beneficial to women, but not as much in men who are trying to put on the muscle weight. Soy is also one of the more expensive forms of protein.

Egg protein comes from comes from eggs, as the name suggests. It has the the largest bio isolate. Egg takes a lot longer than whey to digest but has a very efficient absorption percentage, and therefore should be used to maintain levels throughout the day, but not as a post work out booster.

So each protein shake is good for different reasons, it depends on what you like to drink, and when you like to drink it. Since Scratch is going for quick work out gains, he is going to combine whey protein for his post work out and egg protein as a meal supplement .
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