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Scratch Ponders The "Whys" Of Nike Golf Shoes

Nike Golf Shoes Scratch was collecting b-roll for a golfin’ documentary that he wanted to put together. Today he was focusing on “footage” and filming golfer's feet when they walked and swung. He had been noticing a lot of Air Zoom Nike golf shoes, complete with the “swoosh.” What is it about Nike golf shoes that people love? Is it the color, the price...especially when you get them at discount? Or is it their styles, performance including the 2 year waterproof warranty and cleats?

Scratch decided that he had to get to the bottom of this before he continued onward with his filming. He set out asking the golfers what it is they are looking for in a shoe, whether they were wearing Nike golf shoes or not. The first group Scratch approached began rambling about how the color and styles really mattered to them. Whether or not the shoe went with there outfit. To their defense, they did all look very well put together, but they didn’t mention anything about the price, performance or even the cleats.
The next group Scratch approached were all wearing Air Zoom Nike golf shoes, each of a different color or style. They said that they each loved the 2-year waterproof warranty that came with the Air Zooms. They also bought them at a discount price at They all also agreed that they loved the performance these shoes gave, and the traction that the cleats supported.

Scratch was fairly satisfied with this answer, but he wanted to keep questioning the golfers. He got varying answers, all very similar to the ones he had already received. Some chose their golf shoes for the color, some the styles. Some just because of the discount and price, while others were interested in the cleats and the performance they got out of the Nike golf shoes. The waterproof warranty on the Air Zooms also ranked very favorably with the golfers.

As a result of his marketing research, Scratch decided to offer more discounted golf shoes on his website. And make sure that the others he offered shared similar characteristics. Scratch soon went back to filming his b-roll, but now his focus had moved on to hands. Maybe he could get away with calling it “handage?”
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