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Scratch Sees If Titleist Golf Balls Will Improve His Game

Titleist Golf Balls Scratch has been trying to start up his golf equipment business, but needs to figure out the best golf balls to sell. They have to have a good price but also go the distance and be able to be made custom and personalized. Obviously he is going to need to test some golf balls and some golf equipment.

Scratch and his caddy, Sniff, each grab their respective favorites and head down to the driving range. Scratch brought out his personalized Taylor Made Burner driver, and brought out a few boxes of Titleist golf balls, both Pro V1 and Pro V1Xs. Scratch is determined to figure out which of the Titleist golf balls he likes more. Sniff also brought out his custom Callaway Big Bertha driver.

First up were the Titleist Pro V1s. Scratch and Sniff both wacked a dozen golf balls to get a feel for the group. Scratch has a higher swing speed, and so his balls went further than Sniffs would even if they were using the same golf equipment. The golf balls all soared and got good distance. Next up was the Pro V1x. Scratch picked up the ball and noticed that their feel was actually softer than the Pro V1s. The pair began hitting the Titleists, again striking another dozen of the dimpled spheres.
Afterwards, they began comparing, and arguing about which was the better ball. Scratch saw more spin and more distance out of the X rated golf balls. While Sniff agreed with the spin, he got more distance out of the Pro V1s. This may have been because they had a higher flight than the Pro V1Xs when combined with his slower swing speed.

The pair returned home to do some more research on their favorites. They found that according to Titleist, the most durable golf ball was the Pro V1. Both of the balls had a comparable price, and were easily personalized for that custom look. Scratch was pleased with his outing, and decided to get both Titleist golf balls for his golf equipment business.
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