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Scratch Shops for Womens Golf Apparel

Scratchís lady friend, Wilma, decided she wanted to go shopping for some new womens golf apparel and asked him to go along. Little did Scratch know that this was going to be an all day event. The pair made their way to the ladies pro shop. Scratch figured that since this wasnít a mall, they would go in and try on a few pants, shorts, polos and then be done. But his eyes were opened to the world of womens golf apparel shopping.

First of all, The ladies pro shop was a lot bigger than Scratch had expected. It was littered with shirts, shoes, and outerwear with every brand from Nike right down to Callaway and Adidas. Second of all, he didnít realize that shopping for Wilma meant that she was going to spend all of her extra money on ladies golf clothing.

Upon entry Wilma went immediately to the shirts section and began looking at Nike polos. She had a few picked out, but then decided she also needed pants to go along with the shirts. She tried on a few Adidas golf pants to match the color, but decided that she wanted to stick to the brand of her shirts, so she went back for Nike. After trying on pants, she decided she wanted a pair of shorts as well in case it was too hot out. Scratch just watched as she ran back and forth between the pant racks and the fitting rooms.

Ladies Golf Apparel

The polo shirts and pants werenít a complete outfit though, Wilma needed more. Next on the list were shoes. Footjoy golf shoes were on sale, so that was the first place she began to look. But she didnít find the color she wanted. She began to wander the shoe aisles before she came back with four pair of shoes to go with her three shirts and pants. She wanted all of them.

The outfits, however, were still not complete. She wanted a jacket. They made their way to the outerwear section of the ladies pro shop. By this time, Scratch was wondering how she wasnít exhausted, because he was just from watching her. Wilma found a Nike jacket that she liked, but continued to search the outerwear. She ended up finding two more outdoor shirts that she liked. One of them didnít go with any of her outfits, so back to the shirts and pants sections they went.

Eventually Wilma decided to limit her purchases to only two womens golf apparel outfits. It took another half an hour for her to narrow them down. By the time they were done, Scratch was completely worn out, and decided that next time they were going to shop online instead of at the ladies pro shop!

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