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Scratch Takes His Sunglasses Fishing With Him

Tifosi Sunglasses Last week while out on the boat fishing, Scratch realized that he was squinting something fierce. His eyes also started to get hot and itchy. Sniff said that it could be because of the UVA/UVB rays that the sun was giving off, but Scratch insisted that that was impossible because he spent most of the time staring into the water, and not up at the sky. Sniff pointed out that that UVA/UVB rays could also bounce off the reflective surface of the water and hit his eyes.

This made the caveman realize that he was going to need a pair of mens sunglasses to wear, and not just while on the golf course. Scratch was pretty picky, and was going to need some with protection, something durable and impact resistant because he was a bit of a clutz. But he also wanted to make sure that the tint wasn’t too dark, and that the rim had a good design. He had noticed that Sniff had been wearing pair of Ray-Ban mens sunglasses, which were pretty stylish. And asked where he had picked them up.
Sniff referred him to a discount store down the street from their cave that offered a great selection of sunglasses. So Scratch decided to make a day trip of this shopping adventure. The duo headed out to the store, so that they could be ready for their next outdoor excursion. Once there, a pair of Tifosi sunglasses with an excellent rim design and a blue tint caught his eye. The description said that the lenses were impact resistant and the frame seemed quite durable. It also mentioned that they protected against 100% of UVA/UVB rays. Scratch decided to hold on to the Tifosi sunglasses while he continued to walk around.

Sniff pointed out the Ray-Ban section of mens sunglasses, and they walked over to take a look. Some of the sunglasses had a yellow tint to the lenses that Scratch was not particularly fond of. He also thought that while some of the Ray Bans seemed quite durable and impact resistant, that he was partial to the rim design of the pair of Tifosi glasses that he had in his hand.

After walking around for a bit, and Sniff trying to convince him that Ray-Ban or Nike was the way to go, Scratch decided to settle with the Tifosi mens sunglasses which had originally caught his eye. Perhaps he would come back later and pick up a second pair for their camping trip next month.
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