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Scratch Tries FootJoy Golf Shoes

FootJoy Golf Shoes Footjoy golf shoes have come highly recommended to Scratch by his friends. He decided that he needed to research some more details, because they could potentially be a big seller on his website. He began researching the details by asking his friends which Footjoys they preferred. Most of his friends started off pretty vague. The details they gave were that they liked the white ones or they liked the black ones. After digging a bit more Scratch because to unearth more about the golf shoes. Some of his friends preferred the DryJoys over the FootJoy SuperLites and vice-versa, while some others preferred the Tours.

Scratch decided that since his friends were so adamant about Footjoys that he was going to have to call up the manufacturer to get price details. He called up the manufacturer to see if the prices differed between black , white or colors, and between the DryJoys, SuperLites and the Tours. Scratch found that the manufacturer suggest price was fairly steady across the board for all of the FootJoy shoes.
Next Scratch had to find details on where he could get the best price to forward along to his friends through his website. The manufacturer had some older black SuperLite shoes that Scratch could scoop up at a decent price. He also called up some wholesale distributors and found a collection of white DryJoy styles. Now he wanted to find some FootJoy Tours. Luckily for him, he knew a golf pro shop that was closing and figured he grab the remaining shoes at a good price. He gave them a call and was able to get a wide collection of FootJoy golf shoes, not just the Tours. He found some more DryJoy and SuperLite styles. Most were black and white, but he was able to find a few brown ones as well.

Scratch’s first shipment of FootJoy shoes arrived from the manufacturer. Since he had never tried them himself, he decided to grab a pair and go play a round to see what he thought. He put on a pair of the black and white SuperLites and strutted out onto the course. He was incredibly satisfied with the comfort and performance that the golf shoes gave him. He was definitely going to sell them on his website at a great price and he knew his customers were going to be happy.
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