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Scratch Uses Weight Gainer Supplements To Put On Some Pounds

Nutritional Supplements Scratch has recently been looking into weight gainer supplements to add to his post workout stak. He has been into bulking up lately, and needs to increase his calories in order to put on weight. He has already been drinking protein powders and vitamins, but wants something that will really help with the anabolic process as well. Universal has some excellent weight gainer supplements that generally come in powder form and are combined with liquid into shakes. Not only will they provide protein and post workout vitamins, but they have large amounts of calories which the body needs to create that anabolic push to create muscle. They are also known to help with recovery time.

Universal Nutrition also offers Animal Stak which they say can maximize strength performance and other gains that a weight gainer supplement should. Scratch decided to give it a try. When it arrived he mixed up the first batch of powder with water, and downed as part of his post workout stak, along with vitamins and another protein shake. The total calories that he downed were enough to make up for an entire days needs on a normal work out day. He got a little nervous, but had read that this is what he was supposed to do. Scratch could already feel the anabolic training start to work. His muscles felt more swollen and bigger than they had before. Perhaps it was just mental, or perhaps it was really doing everything it said.
Scratch continued to use the weight gainers over the next few weeks. He did start noticing real gains. He gained 10 lbs in a month, but wasn’t sure what was muscle and what was just additional weight brought on by the additional calories. He decided to keep using it until the supplement was gone, but cut back on the additional protein. Over all he was pleased because 10 lbs is fairly substantial for him, as before he was a scrawny caveman.
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