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RockBottomGolf.com - Titleist Golf- 2007 Pro V1x Mint Used/Refinished Golf Balls *3-Dozen*
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Titleist Golf- 2007 Pro V1x Mint Used/Refinished Golf Balls *3-Dozen*

About This Item

  • Manufacturer: Titleist Golf
  • Model: 2007 Pro V1x Golf Balls
  • SKU: titleist-pro-v1-2007-mint-used-refinished-golf-balls-36
  • Condition: USED/REFINISHED
  • Color: White
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MINT, MINT, MINT! We'll give it to you completely straight on these babies...These used/refinished balls are out of this world! We're so confident, your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. If for any reason, they don't meet your expectations, simply return the unused balls for a complete refund. About the Pro V1's (like you don't already know...): TITLEIST PRO V1's 2007
For 2007 Titleist has made improvement in a number of key areas to back the #1 ball on the Tour even better. The new Staggered Wave parting Line allows for more densely packed dimples. Packing more dimples on a balls is great, but Titleist takes it one step further by optimizing dimple placement and size (there are five different dimple sizes)to great the highest surface coverage of any Titleist golf balls EVER! These features combined with the new A.I.M Technology (marketing talk for improved alignment arrows), proven construction, and technologically advanced materials have created the best ball in golf!

The Pro V1x has fewer dimples (332 vs 392) for a lower trajectory and more distance
  • Note: Balls are stamped on one pole with "Used/Refurbished Links Choice Golf"
  • Disclaimer: Used & refinished balls are subject to performance variations from new ones. These used & refinished balls were processed via one or more of the following steps: stripping, painting, stamping, and/or clear coating. Used & refinished balls are not endorsed by the original manufacturer and the balls do not fall under the original manufacturer's warranty. However, we believe strongly in this product, standing behind them 100%, and wish to hear of any complaints.
  • Product Reviews

    Titleist Golf- 2007 Pro V1x Mint Used/Refinished Golf Balls *3-Dozen*
    4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
    5 Stars

    Not bad at all
    August 14, 2009
    Having done a side by side comparison of brand new (2009) ProV1x\'s versus the Links Choice refinished (2007) V1x\'s, you can definitely see flaws on close inspection. That said, these are far better than any other used ball I have ever seen and, frankly, these used and refinished V1x\'s have proven better for me than brand-new mid-range (25-30 dollar) balls like the excellent Callaway HX Hot Plus. The ProV1x itself is simply the best ball you can buy (in my opinion) and I find it more compatible with my swing than the standard V1. Even used, they fly straight and long off a driver, work well off wedges and are a joy on the greens. For a ball marketed towards aspiring pro\'s, this is a remarkably forgiving ball for all levels. Did I mention that it goes really, really far if you have a pretty fast swing? Unfortunately, at roughly $3.80 per new ball, the V1x is simply too expensive for all but the most special outings. Thanks to Links Choice refinished balls, I can actually use them more often and without wanting to cry when I hit one into the woods. In short, these refinished balls grant mere mortals reasonably priced access to a genuinely performance enhancing piece of golf equipment.

    5 Stars

    Good Compromise
    July 10, 2008
    This will be my second order for these. I have played most of the first order but still have a few left. I likel these are better than any other new ball I have tried, Taylormade, B330, HX Tour, Nike 1. But I will say that the new balls are a bit better to me. Still, these do what I want them to do at the cost of much cheaper balls and still out perform most of the premium balls. Hey, if they sucked, I would not be back. Will your buddies notice them? Yes, they are distinctly marked, but they will not notice any lack of ability on the ball\'s part. I can make double bogey or eagle just as easily with these. One thing I know, they hold the green very well and inspire condidence in my approach swings. Just wished I could manage to play one ball the entire round - but that aint the ball\'s fault.

    4 Stars

    Not Bad
    June 22, 2008
    These balls aren\'t bad. They don\'t feel quite as soft as new balls and you can see one tiny chip where the refinish isn\'t perfect. But overall they are a good buy for prov1\'s. I think they are worth it.