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Wearing Sunglasses Changed The Way I Play Golf

Sunglasses Last time I played my favorite sport, I was matched up with three guys at a course near here. I enjoy golfing on the cheap, so when they said they'd found a way to buy a discount tee time online, I knew we'd get along! But I couldn't have known that the one wearing sunglasses would change the way I play golf forever.

We all teed off and of course I hooked my drive. I thought I lost my golf ball but the guy with the shades said, "Your ball is there, next to that tree." I couldn't believe he'd seen it, but there it was, right where he said it would be.

Next hole, same thing. And the third hole, too. Every time one of us thought we'd lost a ball, this guy knew exactly where it was! What was his secret? Could it be his sunglasses?

"What's special about those sunglasses?," I asked myself. Where did he buy them, and I wondered if they were from a famous fashion designer or something. I didn't recognize the logo, but they didn't look cheap. Maybe they weren't designer shades and were just cheap knock-offs? And he never took them off, so maybe they were a special prescription or something? At any rate, I was sure I needed a pair of those sport sunglasses - especially as bad I was playing!
After the round, I asked him about his sunglasses. "Polarized lenses," he said. "These sunglasses make it almost impossible to lose a golf ball!" I was just starting to ask him where I could buy a pair when he reached into his golf bag, pulled out another pair and gave them to me! All he said was, "The way you golf, you need a pair of polarized sunglasses more than me!"

Turns out he would buy enough pairs online to get a wholesale discount, keeping a few pairs in his golf bag for himself and giving the rest of them away. They still weren't cheap, but they cost less than real designer frames and all his friends loved them. After a few online orders, the sunglass website emailed him and long story short, he was now working for them as a sunglass salesman!

He couldn't believe it when I told him about my wholesale deals on golf gear here at RBG. He gave me a pair to try for myself, and the polarized lenses really did make the golf course light up! We traded info and said so long, but I've been thinking maybe I could make a discount sunglasses website work somehow.

So keep your eyes open Rock Heads, because maybe this Caveman can cook up some deals on sport sunglasses soon!
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