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Which Callaway Golf Ball Is Better?

Callaway Golf Balls The other day Scratch and his golf caddy, Sniff, tested out a few Titleist golf balls. They liked them, but a few of Scratch’s friends recommended that they checked out some Callaway golf balls. This was a product that Scratch had actually been thinking about writing a personalized review on for his newly started website.

Scratch and Sniff grabbed up their personalized drivers and woods and decided to test out two Callaway golf balls, Warbirds and HX tours. They got to the driving range, put down their products and began separating out the Callaway golf balls. Two dozen of both the Warbirds and the HX tours to each of them. One dozen to hit with their personalized drivers, and one dozen to hit with their golf woods.

First up were the HX Tour Callaways, and their drivers. One by one, the balls started to fly over the driving range. The HX Tours got great distance, but Sniff noticed a slight side spin to his. Next up were the HX Tour Callaways with their golf woods. Scratch got excellent control, but Sniff saw his side spin get worse.
The two moved on to the Warbirds. Scratch and Sniff went back to their drivers for the first dozen. Sniff got relatively the same distance with Warbirds, but noticed less side spin. Scratch seemed to get less distance, but also noticed that he had slightly less side spin. After that dozen had been shot off, the pair switched over to their golf woods. Sniff definitely noticed less side spin, and got better control with the Warbirds. Scratch did not. He felt that he had gotten more control with the HX Tour Callaways.

The two then went on to each write a personalized review of the product. Scratch thought that HX Tour balls were definitely worth the price difference. He loved the distance, the feel and the control he had over them. Sniff disagreed, he thought the balls had a comparable distance and control, and therefore the price difference per dozen wasn’t worth it for him. Both Scratch and Sniff, however, agreed that they should carry both of the Callaway golf balls on Scratch’s website,, when they could find them on discount.
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