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Why Pay Full Price When Scratch Will Find You Discount Golf Apparel?

Golf Apparel After Scratch’s outing with his lady friend, he began to take a closer look at the price of golf shirts, especially big name brands like Nike, Adidas, Taylormade and Callaway. Since he had recently started a website, he decided that he needed to add a discount golf apparel section.

Scratch began his search for discount golf apparel with golf shirts and polos. He grabbed up his caddie, Sniff, and they started making calls. First calls were to wholesale distributors like Nike and Adidas. They decided that they could pass on even more savings on the discount golf apparel if they bought in bulk, because they would get a better price per golf shirt. Afterwards, they also called Callaway and TaylorMade.

Scratch was fairly pleased with the price he was able to find on polos but wanted to keep looking. Sniff reminded him about Ebay and a told him about a few stores that were going to be closing out. The pair decided to take a trip to see if they could salvage any golf shirts or any other discount golf clothing. Scratch was pleased to find great prices on some Nike golf shirts and Callaway polos.
After returning home, Scratch had Sniff take photos of the golf shirts and began to upload them to his website. The Adidas discount golf apparel flew out of the cave. Reviews started to pour in.

“I love the TaylorMade golf polo I got from your site!”

“Thank you so much for my Callaway golf shirts. Great price!”

Scratch knew his customers were enjoying his discount golf clothing and decided that he needed to expand it even further. Golf shirts and polos were not going to be enough. He wanted to add outerwear, shoes and gloves to the mix, especially since he had found an excellent price on some nike golf jackets.

Scratch continues to grow the apparel section of his website. So why would you go to a store, stand in line and pay full price for the Adidas polo when Scratch will find you a great price and have it shipped right to your cave?
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