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Womens Golf Shoes - Who Is Wearing What?

Ladies Golf Shoes After Scratch’s last round of golf with his friends, he began to think about golf shoes in a brand new light. Looking back at his shopping experience with his lady friend, Wilma, he began to ponder even more about womens golf shoes and the different styles. Are womens shoes more about personalized form or function? Are they chosen because they match the apparel, or are they chosen because of their performance?

Scratch recently tested his personalized golf shoes with the different styles of his friends. The test was fairly successful so he decided to head back to the golf course and try it again, but with his lady friends and their womens golf shoes. When he arrived at the golf course he began observing the different golf shoe styles and how they matched the ladies apparel. Some were wearing the same brand of golf shoes as apparel; Callaway with Callaway, Adidas with Adidas. Others, however, were wearing FootJoy shoes with Nike apparel, or Pulsar cleats with Antigua golf gear. The one thing the ladies did have in common was that their golf shoes generally matched the rest of their outfit.
Scratch’s lady friends began to arrive. He had promised them a free round of golf if they would participate in his little experiment. When he proposed that they trade their ladies golf shoes to see how they affect performance, the ladies were a little reluctant. This was in part because the thought of wearing someone else’s footwear was a bit disgusting to them, and in part because it would ruin their outfit. It took some time, but Scratch was able convince them. Wilma gave her Callaways to Betty, who gave her Footjoys to Carol, who gave her Adidas shoes to Charlotte, who gave her Pulsar cleats to Wilma. Its fairly incredible how they all wore the same size, but Scratch wasn’t going to complain.

The ladies each cringed has they tried on their respective Callaway, Adidas, Footjoy and Pulsar cleats, but were fine after the first hole. By the fourth hole the ladies were more comfortable, and by the 6th, they wanted to try out the other styles. Charlotte ended up with the Footjoys, Carol with the Callaways, Wilma with the Footjoys and Betty with the Pulsar cleats.

After the round, Scratch asked the ladies their opinions on the golf shoes. Each liked the different styles for different reasons and suggested that he sell them on his website. They all decided that putting Pulsar cleats in their shoes definitely helped give them a more personalized look and better traction than just the ladies golf shoes alone. So he decided to sell those as well. All in all, he was pleased with the experiment.
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