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RecTeeFier Golf- Slice Correction Tee FunSeeker Package

RecTeeFier Golf- Slice Correction Tee FunSeeker Package

Rock Bottom Price: $8.95

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The RecTeeFier is a revolutionary golf tee designed to assist golfers with their goal of correcting a slice or a hook. Robotic testing conducted in San Diego CA revealed a 35% reduction of a slice/hook when compared to the best golf tees.

Most golfers struggle with a slice or a hook every time they tee off and each of them knows that correcting a slice/hook is no easy task. You can either improve your drive by taking private lessons or acquire an anti-slice driver for hundreds of dollars but in both cases, fixing a slice requires time and money.


Have a look at the RecTeeFier and you will realize it is the ultimate golf gift under $20 that will bring fun back into your game. If you were asking yourself “Where can I buy golf tees?”, the place is here.

Either you are struggling to fix that slice/hook or just looking for cool golf ideas; the RecTeeFier is what you need.

The RecTeeFier reduces side spinning of your golf ball which is responsible for the ball veering off course. It is also the perfect gift for the golf enthusiast in you.

Get your own RecTeeFier today and Bring the FUN to your game.

RecTeeFier Golf
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Slice Correction Tee
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Product Reviews
By roger
Detroit, Michigan
Gimmicky, but does work
November 16, 2021
These are a bit of a gimmick, but I have found they can straighten out a slice. No distance gained, but I would rather hit more fairways anyway. A bit expensive but fun to try. They are sturdy and will last if you don't lose them.
ProsSturdy Do work a bit to fix a slice
ConsNo distance gained and are a little expensive
By Jude N.
Chicago, IL
Best Tee
July 31, 2021
This is the best tee on the planet. Love it
ProsI use it for both my driver and 3wood off the tee. Tee it lower about the height of the black top
ConsDoes not break
By michael
Chesterfield, Michigan
1 drive...1 fairway hit
April 27, 2021
So far so good. Ball speed 135-150
By John
Yes it works
September 3, 2020
Used this product for the first time today very simple just line up the tee the direction you want to hit and the ball travels straight with about a 10 yard variance give or take. A Member of my foursome noticed I was hitting more fairways asked about the tee I let him use it and he was hooked . I normally struggle with a slice , or fade if I'm lucky. Not today only had 1 shot fade .
ProsStraighter drives , helped add distance that I was loosing with my slice.
ConsA little hard to get in the ground
By Kevin
McLean VA
I can't believe this still
August 24, 2020
I have played two rounds with this tee. The results are simply incredible. I'm a single digit handicap senior golfer. I fight a pull and a hook. My driving the last two days has been nothing short of terrific. The damn ball just goes straight down the fairway. I think it's even increasing my distance. Now two rounds doesn't make for a statistically significant sample size, but I was getting to the point where I didn't care how I swung just make sure I hit the ball and boom down the middle. Now in fairness I have been working on some swing changes but they are certainly not grooved yet. I'm going to have to do some tee changes in the middle of the round to actually verify that the tee is making the difference. But so far I'm actually flabbergasted that this thing appears to work.
ProsIt's fun and it works as far as I can tell.
ConsIt's illegal.
By Kim
August 23, 2020
I satisfy good product good good good
Don't expect miracles
August 20, 2020
I don't hit a tremendous slice or hook. This gimmick will not help all that much. My wife said it helps her. Yet when I play with her, she is in the fairway and I'm not. That was before using this.
ProsDoes not break easily.
ConsDrives are still not straight nor in the fairway. This could be the golfer and not the tee.
By llc2
etown pa
rec tee fier correction tee
August 20, 2020
Haven't used then yet, did try them in my back yard, would be nice if they had a point on the bottom of them , they are hard to put in the ground, will let you know later how they work.
By Eric
Westville, Florida
Kinda Works
July 18, 2020
I bought this for a friend that was struggling with a bad slice. He�€™s not a long hitter but this tee did take a bit of his slice out. It�€™s not a miracle worker, if you have a horrible slice, it�€™s not straightening it out perfectly. This tee is durable, and that�€™s a huge bonus. He�€™s still using this tee after three months of play.
By Stephen
Encinitas, California
looks different but actually works
March 6, 2020
These tees look way different at address but they surprisingly work as advertised. Drives do seem to travel straighter
Consthese tees are relatively expensive compared to other tees