Aero-Swing Golf Junior 39" Long Drive Swing Speed Trainer (3 Pack)

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Aero-Swing Golf
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39" Long Drive Swing Speed Trainer (3 Pack)
New, Factory Sealed
New to the Golf Lingo?

Aero-Swing® was voted the TOP “FAB FOUR” NEW TRAINING AID of 2022 by PGA.COM.

This patented technology uses airflow restriction in the right moments of your golf swing, at the ball impact zone, to increase swing resistance that will ultimately help you increase your swing speed and hit the ball further. Each Aero-Swing® PINEAPPLE will slow your swing down by appx. 10-12 mph. Concentrated Air Flow resistance at the right point in the golf swing will maximize your overall speed after training. Aero-swing is one of the safest and lightest swing speed training devices out in the market today. Avoid injuries and train with Aero-Swing.

WHAT YOU WILL GET – (1) Aero-Shaft®, (2) Regular Aero-Swing®, (1) Aero-Swing® Mini. The Aero-Shaft® hosts different-sized interchangeable Aero-Swings®. Regular Aero-Swing® weighs 3.9 oz; Mini Aero-Swing® weighs 2.5 oz.

What are the advantages of Aero-Swing®?

  • Golfers can choose their level of resistance just by adjusting the position of each Pineapple or adding another Pineapple to their club shaft.
  • Golfers can hit golf balls while working on Speed Training using their own clubs.
  • No weights: Safer for everybody, especially Seniors and Kids.
  • Add a second or third Pineapple for additional, safe air resistance in swing speed training.

Advantages of hitting it longer:

  • Not only will you see that your drives will go further after training, but you will see an overall improvement of distance in all the clubs in your bag.
  • Shorter approach shots to the green: hitting a more lofted club like a 9 iron is a lot more accurate than hitting a 5 iron.
  • More loft, more spin, shorter clubs are more accurate than your longer clubs.
  • For those that struggle getting to a green on a par 4, Aero-Swing Pineapples will help you reach that goal of making par 4’s on the longer holes.
  • More reachable PAR 5’s: Hitting it longer improves your odds of getting pars and birdies in par 5’s. Get these Pineapples and you’re on your way to hitting it longer than ever before!
  • More options – Many amateur golfers stand on the tee box of a par 4 or 5 and feel worried about not carrying over a water hazard or even onto the fairway. By hitting longer drives, the average golfer has more options and can attack holes without fear.

Longer Drives Leads to Lower Scores!

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