Pitboss Ultimate Golf Training Device

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Pitboss Golf
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Ultimate Golf Trainer
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New to the Golf Lingo?

Making a change to your golf swing can bring your game to a new level.

The PitBoss is a golf training aid that will instantly correct the “Chicken Wing Swing”

Use it at the range and on the course to help create a better golf swing

Practice and play at the same time

Suitable for both right and left handed men, women and juniors

Can be used with leading arm to help correct the "chicken wing" or trailing arm to help correct the "flying elbow"

Helps keep your trailing arm on plane at the top of your swing

How to use:

  1. Attach the carabiner to a belt loop, clothing waistline, pocket seam or place it in the pocket.
  2. Place the ball into your armpit.
  3. Using the cord lock, remove most of the slack in the paracord. Leave about 3 to 4 inches of slack.
  4. Take a full swing with any club in your bag.

If you're working with the PitBoss on your trailing arm and the ball falls out in your backswing, you have a flying elbow.

If you're working with the PitBoss on your leading arm and the ball falls out when you're making contact with the ball, you have a chicken wing.