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Swingbyte 2 Swing Analyzer

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The second version of the most trusted mobile swing analyzer in golf is finally here! Swingbyte puts answers to a better golf game on your mobile device. Immediately after a swing, the Swingbyte app displays an interactive 3D visual of your swing along with key data. With real-time feedback in the palm of your hand, Swingbyte will help you improve faster!

  • 4 Hour rechargeable battery
  • Works with iOS and Android
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • New twist-resistant design
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    Swingbyte 2 Swing Analyzer
    Training Aids
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    One Swingbyte 2 - Swing Analyzer
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    Product Reviews
    4 Stars based on 19 reviews
    By Batesjp
    Houston, Texas
    Good but could be better
    February 1, 2017
    There are 2 reasons why I didn't like this device, but I think the technology is pretty damn good. 1. You have I hit a golf ball for it to work,........I know that sound dumb, but I hit the plastic practice balls a lot off of my back porch b/c I don't have time to go to the range that often. 2. It kept coming lose after a few swings. I would go the 5 swing mode and never had more than 2 record correctly b/c the strap kept popping open. The feedback I did get from it was accurate and allowed to me make quick adjustments to my swing.
    Merchant Response:Thanks for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help!
    By Joe
    Pennsville NJ
    Yes it works....
    January 7, 2017
    Analyzing your swing the Swingbyte 2 does that quite well. It gives you a lot of information. The setup is simple, works well via blue tooth. Keep checking to ensure you are connected. I dropped connection a few times during practice session. The strap, huge issue, strap constantly moves every swing. the unit will move a few millimeters. The strap is also prone to breaking thus making it useless until replaced. Back to the numbers, you have to research to find out what the numbers represent. Numbers adjust with each club. Swingbyte is very poor in this department.
    Pros1. Reasonable Price 2. Good Data for the swing 3. Easy to use 4. Easy connection to mobile device
    Cons1. Strap not a question of if it will break but when, plus constantly slides on shaft 2. Poor documentation on how to use the data. (none actually all research).
    By Ted
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Nice swingbyte
    February 24, 2016
    This is such a good quality swingbyte. Love it.
    By Ted
    Grand Rapids , Michigan
    Great tech
    February 23, 2016
    This helps me understand the fundimentals of my swing
    By Donald
    Austin, PA
    1st timer
    January 22, 2016
    This was the first time I have got anything like this. It was very easy to get set up and tracking my swings. The app was easy to understand also.
    ProsCost, and for someone that is just starting to track themselves it's very easy to operate.
    ConsHave not found any yet.
    By CR
    Lincoln, NE
    Great idea, great app - poorly executed design
    June 30, 2015
    This item is a great idea poorly executed. The app and setup for this item are pretty easy to figure out, and the features on the app are top-notch. Unfortunately, quality of the device is sub-par. I used the device for approximately 75 swings before one of the rubber straps that secures the device broke. Swingbyte was responsive to my inquiries and sent me another, only to see that one break after only 3 swings. They continue to send me new straps at my request, but the strap is poorly designed and executed.
    ProsGreat app, pretty easy to set up
    ConsDesign, securing strap,
    By Ray Booth
    New Zealand
    Wish I had Brought earlier
    May 18, 2015
    After reading reviews was a little worried the swingbyte would be very frail. Well I am very pleased unit seems up to the task. After 1 weeks use Swingbyte is earning its keep. I always thought I was casting the club slightly and my grip was fine. Well it turns out I am not casting and my swing is quite straight though its taking lots of practise to get a 4/5 degree in to out.NO the problem is my grip, its not strong enough, I keep opening my grip on the bad shots. Wish I had purchased earlier.
    ProsGood app and lots of data.
    ConsDoes move slightly on club after a few hits. You need to keep an eye on it every few shots. Have recently found out it does not move if you put a turn of self adhesive bandage around club where unit sits on club.
    By Geoff
    Atlanta, GA
    Instant, Easy feedback
    March 26, 2015
    Easy to use and the video feedback is priceless. So many weird things I was doing with my arms when I swing with my driver that I didn't realize.
    By Frank
    United States
    Best ever training device.
    December 15, 2014
    Worked right away. I am able to practice in my garage with wiffle balls and the garage door closed. I put my Iphone on a tripod and align the video cursor and hit away. The combination of the swing analyzer with the video is amazing. I have a collection of training devices, video instructions and have taken lessons and this is by far the best . .
    By lee
    lumberton, nc
    November 15, 2014
    very easy to use good data really good product.
    By AB
    Awesome when it works
    November 2, 2014
    I really like this product, but it does not always register, it says you need ball contact for it to register, but sometimes I will get a bunch of shots in a row hit and it will register data, and then sometimes barely half of my shots are registering, which is really frustrating to the point where I either wish I could return it or get a replacement.
    By Skip
    Boston, massachusetts
    Needs improvement
    October 11, 2014
    One star for potential. This device worked OK on my driver but had to be readjusted every few swings. Irons were a different story. Very tight fit on True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts. Three swings and the strap broke. Waited a week for a new strap. Same result on irons. Four swings (80mph) with 7iron and the strap broke. Returned item. I would not buy until Swingbyte figures out how to solidly fix the device to the shaft
    By Marc
    Beaconsfield, UK
    Good so far........
    August 28, 2014
    Only used a couple of times. Having read other reviews I'm going reserve judgement on the longevity of the attachment method, however the software seems to be good. Using for swing plane analysis rather than anything else, as it's not a Flightscope or Trackman. But at the price, I wouldn't expect it to be!
    By Payton
    nice analyzer
    August 23, 2014
    awesome idem.
    By emrussi
    New Mexico
    Attachment strap keeps breaking -- not durable
    August 1, 2014
    I bought the Swingbyte 2 swing analyzer thinking that it would be a good way to determine things like swing speed, face angle, etc., to help me improve my swing. The swing data is helpful, although it doesn't always seem to be consistent with the actual results when I hit a shot. But the biggest problem by far has been that the rubber strap that secures the Swingbyte 2 to the shaft of the club keeps breaking. Swingbyte has been helpful and to this point has sent me four replacement straps. It appears to be a poor design that simply is not durable or reliable. The only way I can think of to be able to use the Swingbyte 2 is to attach another external clamp (maybe a hose clamp or a strap of some sort) to secure the unit to the club. Otherwise, this will be useless if it can't reliably be secured to the golf shaft.
    ConsNot durable. Not reliable.
    By Tim
    New Zealand
    Good once you get it going
    July 16, 2014
    Great device but takes a bit of time to set up.
    Prosgreat apps and information that is provided
    Constough to get it going right at the beginning. Read the manual
    By Joseph
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH
    Self analysis made easy
    April 29, 2014
    Seeing yourself on video is great help in fixing your swing, this goes a step further in being able to see just your swing path. Combine this with the free app from Ubersense, and you have a very inexpensive swing and teaching center.
    By Jim
    Charlotte NC
    I love it!
    February 14, 2014
    I linked it up with the iPad which is cool because you can just lie it on the ground and see it just fine. I set up in my front yard and just worked on swing plane. In about 30 minutes I had honed the backswing and downswing into great looking swings. It paid off the next day with the best round I have shot in six months. I now have the data to work on every part of the swing. Very happy.
    ProsLots of data to analyze.
    ConsHave not found any yet.
    By Allan
    Chino, CA
    is it truly accurate?! most of the time, yes!
    July 18, 2013
    PROs: - in terms of mapping out the swing in 3D, this is GREAT!!! - LOTS of data (swing speed, path, angle of attack, shaft lean, etc...) - got it for $127.49 with rbg 15% discount special CONs: - the ball flight animation/direction might be off. Some straight balls were labeled hook/slice, draw/fade - capturing driver swings requires you to setup your ipad a bit further (8 ft maybe?) or it will get cut off! - no instructions!!! (had to search swingbyte forum to get started!) - data accuracy?! not really sure here since I personally did not test it against trackman or flightscope Overall, even if I dont really know what to do with the numbers (whether they are right or wrong), the swingmap in 3d kinda gives me an idea of what changes need to be made! I believe this successfully achieves the main intent of the training device and that is why I rate it 4 stars!! Excited to be working on my swing and hopefully positive changes will come out of it!!