Bag Boy Golf- Revolver LTD Cart Bag

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Picking out the right club from your bag has never been so easy. The new 14-Way rotating top with Clip-Lok technology to lock clubs into place, allows you to rotate the top of your bag to get the club you need. This bag has plenty of storage and a fleece lined valuables pocket, so you don’t need to leave anything behind. You can even keep your drinks cool, right in your bag, with the insulated cooler pocket. The Revolver LTD has just what you need for every turn.

  • Two external putter tubes with secure clips
  • Removable insulated cooler pocket
  • 8 Pockets provide ample storage
  • Fleece lined valuables pocket with internal key clip
  • Manufacturer:
    Bag Boy Golf
    Open Box:
    Revolver LTD
    Cart Bags
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    Product Reviews
    4.5 Stars based on 47 reviews
    By Nancy Lambert
    Lexington, KY
    Design changes ruined a good bag
    September 11, 2016
    I replaced my old "Revolve" because it was faded and showing wear after five+ years. I was excited to get a new one for my birthday in September. However, I am so DISAPPOINTED with the new one. I like the design of the new top which makes it easier to locate specific clubs. But my love affair stops there. They have changed the extra pockets it seems more to accommodate a flimsy/removable cooler bag than the functionality for golf. There are now two large side pockets. But, if you want anything during the round you'll have to loosen the cart strap to reach in the pockets. My least favorite feature is what they have done to the putter clip! Now they have put short pockets on the front with a large clip on each side. The clip protrudes from the bag so far that it feels like I'm bending my putter shaft when placing or removing the putter. I think this is their effort to keep the putter head from hitting other clubs when the Revolver is moved. I'm sorry I asked for this bag without seeing it first. Now I'm stuck with it!
    ProsRevolver seems to move much more freely
    ConsSee comments. They should have kept it a GOLF bag and not a party bag!
    By Brian
    Chicago, IL
    Great Bag
    September 6, 2016
    Finally, no clubs rattling around on the course. All your clubs right where you want them. Love the rotating top of the bag. Pockets large and open easily....Great Bag !
    ProsEverything you want in a golf bag
    By Dmm
    Nichols, NY
    Quality bag
    August 13, 2016
    Have played one 18 hole round with the bag. Generally satisfied with it. Quality and material very good. Got the black with green accents bag and it loots great. Have a couple of design suggestions and a couple of small issues. Refer to pros/cons for details.
    ProsHigh quality, Rotary feature very cool and functional. Club shaft lock feature is excellent. So nice to be able to remove all club covers and not hear the clubs clanging. Looks great.
    ConsOne latch on the removable cooler pocket does not stay latched. Clubs frequently break free of the shaft locks, mainly the driver because of it larger diameter shaft. Need at least one more small pocket on outside for keys, phone, cash, etc. Builti-in hidden pocket is burried too deep for convienent access.
    By Drakester
    NB Texas
    My Clubs Stay In Place and Do not Rattle
    August 6, 2016
    This is a great golf bag. Plenty of pockets for most everything. I love the way the clubs lock in place and do not bang against each other.
    ProsClubs stay in place and do not rattle down the course. All clubs are easy to access because you can rotate them to where the clubs can be pulled out.
    ConsThe cooler bag could be more insulated. Golf supply pocket could be a little bigger or even have another pocket for misc. tees, markers and balls.
    By Roger G
    janesville wi
    great bag like the top turns to club you want love it thanks.
    June 11, 2016
    works great
    Prosall good love the turning top
    By Chris
    Lady Lake, FL
    Superb Choice
    June 5, 2016
    Have been looking for a revolving bag for some time. This is perfect for me. I always seem to have a problem finding out where I got a club from! No more. My spot is always in front of me. I love it.
    ProsTotal ease of access to clubs. Makes my game a lot less frustrating!
    By Jack
    The Villages, Fl.
    Revolver Bag Boy
    May 31, 2016
    Great looking bag, I ordered the black bag with green and silver trim. This replaces my older black revolver bag. The new one is missing a front zipper pocket compared to my older one. The new bag does not hold my clubs as tight as the old one either. Several of the clubs in my new bag come loose and rattle around against my other clubs. Too bad, I still like the bag but the quality was not as good and I lost the extra storage room so I could not justify the highest rating!
    ConsNeed more zipper storage pockets. Need better quality in the club storage area!
    By Dules
    Janesville WI
    Good cart bag
    May 23, 2016
    my 2nd revolver bag. The good is it is real handy finding your sticks, well made, good colors and you get a lot of "feedback" from your playing partners. The bad is it is a tad expensive, pockets are not quite optimal and it is a heavy bag. They seemed proud of their cooler pocket which detaches but I think it is rather useless unless you need a six pack to play golf. It is the biggest pocket so i just use it for golf paraphenalia. I married the bag to the upright Clever Caddie which is a perfect fit as the bag sits vertically and really seals the deal with the attributes of this bag.
    Prosquality, colors,
    Conspockets, heavy.
    By Richie
    Perfect Bag
    May 17, 2016
    This bag has two external putter wells and I use them to to hold my most used wedges. I can keep the head covers off and not have to worry about nicking graphite shafts next to them (in my old bag) I have the Cart version and it works great for getting the infrequently used clubs in the back, to the front.
    ProsGreat for cart use. Love the two putter wells
    By craig
    Jackson, NJ
    The bag I've ben looking an incredible price
    May 13, 2016
    Great bag makes choosing clubs a breeze. The putter holder on the outside is a great feature.
    By Charles
    Virginia beach, va
    Great Bag, love the revolving top.
    April 21, 2016
    Well designed bag. purchased this to replace one that is at least 10 years old.
    Proslove the locking slots for the clubs. no rattling or faces smashing together
    Cons3 less pockets than prior models.
    By Jacob
    West Allis, WI
    Great Bag!
    April 1, 2016
    Love this bag in every way!!
    By Raffaele
    Philadelphia, PA
    The best bag ever
    March 14, 2016
    Light organized
    ProsLight organized
    By Sam
    Rulo, NEBRASKA
    You spin me right round...
    February 19, 2016
    Picture a golf cart, a cart bag, and you want your 4 iron but it's next to the back of the cooler cage, with random head covers and the like. You take the revolver, spin it like a lazy Susan and now your trusty 4 iron awaits you. No reaching, no tugging, just unclip, pull, hit, watch, drop, clip. Full length dividers do the job, this is a bag masterpiece.
    ProsSpin it and choose, reach and lose.
    By Harold
    Covington, Louisiana
    Great for protecting clubs
    February 8, 2016
    The separate divider for each club and soft lock-in feature is great protection for clubs. I walk a lot and the system keep the clubs from hitting each other when going over rough areas. The revolving top makes selecting and accessing clubs from a push cart much easier. Great design and great execution.
    By Steve
    Tucson, AZ
    Second one
    February 6, 2016
    Replaced my 7 year old revolver, glad I did, quality that you expect from the leaders in golf bag design, plus some decent push carts also.
    By Bii
    great bag
    December 2, 2015
    what a great bag ,no more digging around looking for clubs,just spin it ,and the price was $50.00 lower then anyone else.
    Prosall is good with this bag
    By Russ
    I love the rotating top BUT ....
    October 20, 2015
    The roatating top is great for getting clubs organized and accessible but the bag needs places to put things. The two pockets for small items are great however there are minimal other places for SkyCaddie, sleeves of new balls, marking pens, etc. Side pockets are great but shorter ones would be better so things do not fall all the way to the bottom. I use the cooler as another storage pocket rahter than a cooler. The valuable pocket is small and I can hardly get my phone and wallet in it. The putter well is barely big enough for my mid-oversized putter grip and I have to almost bend the shaft to use the clips but it does stay in the pocket. The bumpers on top are very nice but they are about a inch or two above the frame on a Club Car and every other cart that I have been in so they are useless.
    ProsRotator Top
    ConsNot enough pockets for smaller items. Bumpers are too high for most carts thus useless External Putter well too small
    By John
    Myrtle Beach
    Bagboy Revolver Bag
    October 2, 2015
    I have been wanting one of these for a long time but everyone sells it for the same price. So when RB had a 30% Off everything sale I jumped on it. As usual I got it in about 4 days, RB shipping rocks. Opened the box and saw bag for first time, royal blue bag is beautiful. I was worried my Fatso putter grip would not fit in putter slot, it's a little tight but it fits. Although it's a little heavy, I live in Myrtle Beach where it's to hot to ever walk so it's a non issue. Clubs lock in place and revolver moves smother making it easy to pull clubs out and not bang on cart club cover.
    ProsConvenient, nice looking. I had other bags with "full length tubes" but none of them where really. BAGBOY tubes are and grips do not stick and bang into each other.
    ConsCooler in the place of a normal pocket where you would normally keep your balls, gloves, tees is not a good idea. No small pockets to keep change and keys and tees. Why are there 2 putter tubes, not sure what to use it for.
    By Brad
    Martinsville, IN
    Love it
    September 28, 2015
    This is a great bag!!
    ConsCould use one more pocket in the front.
    By Joseph
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH
    Revolver top is the way to go
    August 20, 2015
    I just don't walk anymore and got tired of my clubs banging around and shafts getting intertwined in my TM stand bag, so the answer was the BB revolver. Wish the openings were a little larger, my putter has a Winn counterbalanced grip and only fits in one spot, besides the putter tubes, which I only use once the bag is on a cart. As for the putter tubes I wish the clips were a little shorter so you do not have to bend the shaft to get it to snap into place. I wish there were more pockets on the front of the bag. I have had to stick more things in the side pockets than usual, which makes for a very wide bag and a tight fit on most golf carts. If you don't use the cooler pouch as a cooler, it can be used as an accessory pouch making up for the lack of front pockets. But you buy this bag for ease of storing your clubs and in that department it is tops.
    ProsRevolver Top On the Heavy Side
    ConsLack of front pockets Putter clips could be shorter. Since they are removable Bag Boy, maybe you could include a shorter version to allow for a more individual setup
    By Ayesijuan
    Great Bag/Great Price
    August 17, 2015
    My Men's club bought one of these for our priest and i liked it so I bought one also. It is great, it holds plenty of clubs plus some extras like the ball grabber. Haven't had a chance to use the cooler yet but looks like it will hold a 6 pack and has drain holes for ice.
    ProsSpins around so you can find club you want. Large cooler. Clips to keep clubs from rattling around.
    ConsNo handle on front. No small pockets, all big and deep.
    By Steve
    gulfport fl.
    Great cart bag
    July 16, 2015
    You would not want to carry this bag, but is a great cart bag. My clubs no longer bang around and are easy to find and remove and replace.
    By Michael
    Abingdon, MD
    Great bag
    July 5, 2015
    Great bag. Bought this for my father in law and he loved it. Very easy to get to the club you need.
    ProsEase of use, storage layout.
    By Beau
    Daphne, AL
    So far, I like it ok
    June 23, 2015
    I have been wanting one of these for a long time and finally got it on sale. I wish you could lock the rotation and I don't really use the things where you click your shafts in place. Unfortunately, there are 3 or 4 where gravity will cause the shaft to click on and when you try to remove the club, you can't. Then, when you try to get it unclicked, the top rotates and you have to move it back. I do love that the club shafts are all in their own tube, but I wish each opening was a little bigger. If you have oversize grips, it can be a little tight. I still give it 3 tars.�
    ProsIndividual tubes for each Club� plentyof storage 2 putter tubes�
    ConsCan't lock rotating top.� Club openings are a little tight.� Clips for putter tubes don't line up - you have to bend the putter to clip it in place.� A little difficult to use the lift�handles.� When getting a club from click lock the top rotates.�