Item #: 03BATX4SPOR
Bat-Caddy Golf X4 Sport Electric Golf Caddy

Bat-Caddy Golf X4 Sport Electric Golf Caddy

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  • High Tech Aluminum Alloy Frame and Stainless Steel Components - Extreme light weight, durable, European inspired, sleek, minimalistic design. Durable and strong components are the key ingredient for a high quality caddy and a lasting positive experience. Bat-Caddy uses only high grade aluminum and stainless steel for its key components, such as the frame, gear boxes, motor housings and axles. Beware of anything plastic in these areas! Also the bag supports are aluminum and come equipped with stylish extensions and bungee cords both on the upper and lower bag supports for a better bag fit
  • Off- Power Freewheeling Mode Feature - The caddy can be accelerated and slowed down via the handle rheostat control manually. In Off-Power mode it is completely free wheeling, so even if you ever run out of battery power you can push the X4 just like a manual push cart
  • Seamless Speed Cruise Control Engages wheels slowly- The Bat-Caddy won’t “jump” or get away. This is an important feature since many "cheap" caddies don't allow you to operate them in a continuous smooth mode via the seamless rheostat control
  • Cruise Control Function: Allows you to stop and restart the caddy with a press of a button on the handle, so you don't have to adjust the speed after every stop
  • New adjustable handle design offers seamless adjustment from 33-45" in height for various body types and preferences
  • Tracking Adjustment - In order to optimize tracking, the X4 comes with a front wheel tracking mechanism
  • Easy One Piece Two-Click Fold Design - collapses into one piece (not three like others) in seconds to fit in any vehicle trunk - No engineering degree required!! Folded caddy is only a 33"x20"x10" package and will fit into the trunk of even the smallest sports car
  • Full One Year Factory Warranty on Caddy Parts and Labor
  • Free accessory kit with the purchase of this cart! Accessory kit includes: Net Style Cup Holder and Scorecard/Umbrella Holder Combo, for a total value of $91.00!!!
  • Model:
    X4 Sport Electric Golf Caddy
    Bat-Caddy Golf
    New, Factory Sealed
    Open Box:
    2-3 Day
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    Product Reviews
    By Rick
    Dayton, Ohio
    Relaxing way to walk
    June 20, 2018
    Walking the course has always been a priority for me. The Bat Caddy has provided an effortless walk for 18 holes of golf. Great product!!!
    By Kate
    New York
    Bat Caddy X4 Sport
    July 28, 2017
    Takes up too much room in trunk of car due to very large tires. No breaking mechanism at all. Very difficult going down steep hills. Very difficult for me to hold it back. Great for going up hill though.
    By Ted
    Grand Rapids , Michigan
    Nice sport
    February 23, 2016
    This model is great for my golf use. Amazing.
    By Ted
    Grand Rapids , Michigan
    Nice bat-caddy
    February 23, 2016
    This electric cart is a great value for everyone.