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Spin It Golf
Spin It Golf- Easy Trek Sport Remote Caddy Electric Cart

Spin It Golf- Easy Trek Sport Remote Caddy Electric Cart

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Our GC1R-Sport model comes with a remote control option, offering the choice of walking behind and choosing a selected speed from the variable speed control or allowing the cart to roam freely while operating it from the hand held remote. The hand held remote offers several choices of preset speeds, along with left, right, stop and reverse functions.

  • Constructed with high quality material
  • 1-Year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Airless rubber tires
  • Includes:
  • Remote
  • Battery and Charger
  • Scorecard holder
  • Umbrella holder
  • Drink holder
  • Manufacturer:
    Spin It Golf
    Easy Trek Sport Remote Caddy Electric Cart
    New, Factory Sealed
    Open Box:
    2-3 Day
    2-3 Day
    Carts,2-3 Day
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    Product Reviews
    By jr
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Spin It Golf- Easy Trek Sport Remote Caddy Electric Cart
    April 28, 2018
    I purchased the Easy Trek Cart to replace a Bat Caddy X4R that was plagued with intermittent electric problems. In terms of operation over a half dozen rounds I've found he Easy Trek to be superior to the Bat Caddy. However, it sufferers from the same CHEAP fit and finish as the Bat Caddy (see cons). I may provide further feedback as I continue to use it and either find pluses over the Bat Caddy or further problems
    ProsThe controls on the frame handle are an improvement over those on the Bat Caddy. The turning capability and handling also appears to be better than the Bat Caddy.
    ConsLike the Bat Caddy, the Easy Trek is top heavy when the cart bag is loaded. On the first day of use, the cart tipped back going up a moderate incline on a cart path and cracked the cheap thin plastic anti-tip mounting tube on the back of the frame. I wrapped the tube where it was cracked with several layers of duct tape. The second time out, it cracked completely in a different place and fell to the ground. The same part is used on the Bat Caddy with the same result. The bag strap is different from that on the Bat Caddy and I never had a problem with the Bat Caddy straps. The Easy Trek strap however is again thin piece of plastic that hooks to a strap and has already broke in less than a half dozen uses.