Bat-Caddy Golf X3 Sport Lithium Ion Electric Golf Caddy

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Bat-Caddy Golf
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X3 Sport Caddy Lithium Ion Electric Golf Caddy
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  • High Tech Aluminum Alloy S-Frame and Durable
  • Powerful 200 Watt, very quiet DC electric motors
  • Rear Wheel Drive - Both rear wheels are propelled via a steel gearbox and axle, so the cart does not lose traction uphill nor does it spin the front wheel while lifting or turning, unlike with all front wheel drive caddies.
  • Off- Power Freewheeling Mode Feature - In Off-Power mode the X3 is completely free wheeling, so even if you ever run out of battery power you can push the X3 just like a manual push cart
  • Super light, compact and environmentally friendly 12V 25AH Lithium battery with 3 times the charging cycle life time and more than 36 holes per charge. Charger included
  • High Tech, Rubberized Adjustable Front and Wide Track Rear Drive Wheels with Magnesium Look Rims for easy maneuverability and superior
  • Innovative Handle Functions - The newly designed T-Handle controls include a 3 LED battery charge indicator, an On/Off button, timed advance function controls (advance 10, 20, 30 meters/yards), cruise control function, USB port to charge your cell phone or GPS as well as the manual seamless speed control rheostat button.
  • Weatherproof - The Bat-Caddy X3 also has a weatherproof design, i.e. the heart of the electronics, the controller box, is installed in a water resistant sealed plastic compartment underneath the battery, so no water can penetrate from below or above.
  • Easy One-Click Fold Design - collapses into one piece in seconds to fit in any vehicle trunk
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
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