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Titleist Golf- Ultra Lightweight SX1 Stand Bag

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The Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag is a great option for any walker! Weighing in at only 4 pounds, you can walk all day with this bag and save your energy for your swing instead of your golf bag! The SX1 doesn't skimp on pocket space, either.
Titleist Golf
SX1 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag
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Product Reviews
By Nick
East Peoria, IL
June 23, 2014
I use this a secondary bag to my titleist staff bag. This bag covers all the bases that need to be covered in a carry bag. Lightweight, comfortable straps, lots of pockets and sharp looking. The top is only divided into three full length sections and can get crowded but it works fine. The rubber grab handle and square d ring are nice features. The cooler pocket works well too, just find a narrow thermos or bottle. I'll use this bag for a long time.
By Alex
Waltham, MA
Durable & Gets the job done.
April 24, 2014
Great price for a new bag, good find.
By Mike
Walnut Creek, California
Not the bag in the picture, but not bad.
December 17, 2013
I ordered this bag thinking it was the 2013 SX1 bag but I received the 2014 model instead. The 2014 model has a T shaped divider rather than the 2 horizontal dividers shown in the picture. Compared to the previous model I have seen in stores, the opening is noticeably wider. I measure the opening to be 7.5" tall by 7.0" wide. I have arranged my clubs with the three woods in the top left side, the wedges and putter in the top right, the longest four irons on the lower left and the shortest four irons on the bottom right. I have walked one round and found tangling to be almost a non issue. It was mostly the mid size putter grip that was causing most of the hang ups. The straps were comfortable and distributed the weight well. I find that it tends to sit more horizontally when carried rather than have the opening side more elevated. I attempted to adjust the straps to raise the top side but found that if you adjust it too tightly, one of the rain hood rings starts to stab into you back as you walk. Bag chatter was minimal, but I found that the loose balls in the enormous ball pocket made more noise than the clacking club heads The other small features are worth mentioning as well. The top cuff handle is actually really nice and you don't realize you need it until you start fiddling with a bag that doesn't have one. There is a small D ring below the spine handle that makes a perfect spot to put a range finder or gps devise. I have hung my range finder on a higher D ring on my old bag but that just adds more weight to the end that doesn't need anymore. Opening and closing the zippers is really interesting. I don't thing I have used a higher quality zipper than the ones on this bag. Aside from the large garment pocket's zipper, they all slide around very smoothly. The curve on the garment zipper can make it snag slightly, but it's not a pocket I regularly use. The side zippers also have neat little hoods that they tuck into when closed. The towel ring is different also, more like a carabiner with a spring closing side. It's more useful than a regular ring in that I clipped my towel to it so it would not blow away in the high winds. Lastly I want to mention the drink compartment. It does fit a little more snug than what I am used to seeing on bags, but ironically during the round, my partner managed to somehow lose his drink while walking though part of the course. Perhaps it's better that it is tighter, and it may even help drinks stay cooler longer since the container will not be exposed to so much warm air.
Pros+Smaller sized bag so it doesn't make me look like a high schooler since I'm short. +fits 14 clubs, although mine have small blade-like heads and under sized grips. +additional features are surprising well done and seem a step above standard.
Cons-lighter bags than this one do exist -unlike some newer 4 way tops, the horizontal divider in this bag does not connect along the sides, so there is potential for clubs to get caught in the gap. -adjusting the shoulder straps require some trial and error. One of the rain hood loops can rub you the wrong way. -the hip pad could be softer. It almost seems like it's there for breathability when it's on your back rather than cushioning.