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Wilson Staff Duo Soft Spin Golf Balls

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Duo Soft Spin

Playability and soft feel are critical to a crossover player. The new Duo Soft Spin has that great Duo soft feel but now with even more spin on higher lofted clubs and wedges to give players that added greenside control that better players are accustomed to.

Demand to play the world's softest, multi piece surlyn ball. Demand Duo Soft Spin.


A Mark Of Excellence

The Wilson Staff shield logo printed on every Duo ball is a symbol of our commitment to innovation and quality


At a ground-breaking 29, DUO Soft has the lowest compression, best feel of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls

Duo Soft Spin Softest


Longest distance performance of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls

Duo Soft Spin Longest


The lowest driver spin rate of all competitive premium 2-piece balls for straightest flight off the tee

Duo Soft Spin Straightest


Cover Construction Layers Ball Type Compression Dimple Count
Ionomer 3 Spin 40



Wilson Golf
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Duo Soft Spin
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Product Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 218 reviews
By Denny
August 8, 2019
72 Balls all Ultra 500
I ordered two of these 3 dozen packs for our backyard �€œdriving range�€ and to lose with impunity on the local course. I understand the luck of the draw with this type of item but was still disappointed that every last one of these 72 balls were Ultras.
The heading is misleading, as others mentioned, since based on the description I don�€™t think any Staff balls are even part of the potential mix.

Still a great deal at about half of regular price at the current clearance deal (hence the 4 stars) but not the big win I was hoping for. RBG has good deals and some great finds but I�€™ve also been disappointed a few times of late.
ProsStill a good deal even though they are all from the lower end of the Wilson lineup.
ConsThe heading and description were a little misleading.
By Paul
Weehawken, NJ
August 1, 2019
Can't beat the price
Perfect for the beginner golfer
By Chad
July 25, 2019
Good value
I like these for early rounds when I�€™m trying to find my swing after a long winter and late rounds when there�€™s leaves all over the course and you can lose your ball in the fairway. They have good putter feel and get plenty far off the tee. They just aren�€™t prov�€™s so I can�€™t give them 4 or 5 stars. Solid ball though.
By Matt
July 18, 2019
this one really MIX?
i purchased 7 boxes.
and i expected this product are DUO and DUO Spin Mix.
so i thought at least 2 or 3 boxes are DUO Spin (30percent)
But all 7 boxes are DUO!!
and LOGO Overruns!! worsrt than reuse ball!
i asked to customer service and they said no problem!!
What is the mean of MIX??m
MiX meand only luck?
if that i am very unlucky guy beacause OnLY DUO get!!

if like this do not say MIX!!!

Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Consonly Duo Get
By David
July 17, 2019
A bit of a bait-and-switch
These are not "Wilson Staff." They are from Wilson's recreational line and at the low end of that line to boot. At least 30 of the balls I received are Ultra 500. Six are not printed with a brand or model so i can't tell what they are. RBG needs to change the title of this item to be correct and honest. I'll keep the balls because the brand/model of the ball is not the limiting factor of my game, but I still feel scammed. RGB can do better!
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
ProsStill fairly inexpensive but not as good of a deal as the "Staff" title implies.
ConsRBG is pulling on over on us.
By Lee
Compton, California
July 17, 2019
It's really good. You must buy it now!!!
By Ronald D.
Canonsburg, PA
July 10, 2019
Golf prizes
Good ball for price
By Ray
Fayetteville , North Carolina
July 10, 2019
Not Wilson Staff
Advertised as Wilson Staff but in reality are the cheaper Wilson Ultra. Still a good practice ball for my daughter as she learns the game.
By Daniel
Glendale Heights,Illinois
July 9, 2019
Like these very much. Great feel.
By 2puttforpar
Bay City
July 5, 2019
Long and responsive!
I enjoy the responsiveness and feel this ball produces. The matte finish in yellow is easy to follow as well.