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Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

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The Bandit Maximum Distance golf ball is designed to violate the rules and specifications set by the USGA and Royal & Ancient Golf Club, bringing more fun to your game!
Imagine what you could do to your game with a ball that goes 10% further! On a 400 yard par 4, imagine your 250 yard drive going 275 yards, and getting you that much closer to the hole!
The putting cup won't get bigger, but the smaller diameter of the Bandit golf ball will let you sink the ones that you usually lip out!
Note: Bandit golf balls are not recommended for tournament play (unless you want to cheat!) The Bandit golf ball was designed to make golf more fun, drives longer, scores lower, and wager wins more frequent!
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Product Reviews
By Mike DeNoon
Olathe, Kansas
Great ball, at a great price!
August 10, 2016
The bandit golf balls are great balls, at a great price. The golf balls really fly off the tee.
ProsThe greatest pro is the distance improvement and the price is great.
By John
Chicago, illinois
Extra Distance
July 28, 2016
I was hitting my drives around 240 yards now I'm hitting over 250!!! These ball even have a good feel around the greens.
By Jay Malakaua
Houston, TX
As long as it gets!
March 3, 2016
These balls are super long! Less spin and piercing trajectory!
By Scott
Gatesville, TX
Nice balls...but more distance?
February 7, 2016
They are nice balls but I am not really sure if they are longer or not. I thought they were at first but it was not that much more. Not sure if they are worth the premium price or not.
By bassless
over hyped
February 5, 2016
Not a bad ball but not exceptional either.
ProsReasonable price
ConsNo extra distance
By Jeff
Portland, OR
super long
November 30, 2015
it smoke off the tee
Prosvery long
By Jonathon
Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand
November 20, 2015
Every golfer wants more distance and this balls makes driving fun but it is the player's swing that determines accuracy and distance so if your swing is less than perfect the ball you use is pretty much irrelevant.
ProsNice looker and well priced
ConsCannot be used in competitions
By bob
new zealand
November 8, 2015
longer than the ball I usually hit
By John
Broken Arrow Ok
Get A Few Extra Yards!
October 6, 2015
A great golf ball for distance. I get 20 to 30 yards extra. on my drives. It really works
ConsIt IS Elegal
By Patrick R. Rotchford
Hayden Lake,Idaho 83835
great product about 20 yds fun
October 2, 2015
longer tee shots,great around the greens.first day I had five one putts.Whoo Haa!! a easy game,ya right.PR
By Jo
Bandit Golf balls
October 1, 2015
I didn't find it any better than my Taylor Made Super deeps.
ProsIt's OK
ConsNot what I expected
By Caddie Willie
So far, just average...
September 22, 2015
I really haven't seen a great improvement in distance. However, I do recommend that you try them for yourself. I am no great ball striker!
By Lee
Winston Salem NC
Good Distance
September 19, 2015
After recieving the balls and a round of golf they had good length
ProsGreat price for long distance balls
By John
August 1, 2015
adds 20+ yards
By Tyler
Lake Worth, FL
Bomb them!
June 15, 2015
These go way further into the hazard than my other balls. They also go much further into the woods too!
Long Beach,CA
Max Distance with a Minimal Price!
May 4, 2015
You can really see and feel the difference when using these balls versus other name brand balls.
By Manning
Kennewick, WA
Durable and Consistent
April 2, 2015
Have three rounds using the Bandit golf ball. Was able to hit 15 greens and 10 fairways the first round, 15 greens and 12 fairways the second round, am pounding driver tee shots in the 260 to 270 yard range with several over 300 yards, and after playing a third round with the same ball it is showing signs of use but is still playable. Use of a popular premium brand ball would have found its way into a shag bag after only one round. A good value purchase.
ProsDurable, consistent, and playable after several rounds of golf.
ConsNot USGA legal.
By Jon
Bandit Is Great
March 17, 2015
You have to hit it really good but it can go for more distance. I drove a green and my friend said he is taking the ball to the lab. If you don't hit the ball well in the first place you probably won't see a difference. Expectation should be a few shots per round will have a little more distance. The ball is not smaller it is the same size.
By golfic
Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
Bandit no smaller ball and no special distance either.......?
December 24, 2014
A part of this ball description is, that it is a smaller diameter ball which I did measure up to a few other balls and it do measure the same, secondly after several tests with driver, hybrids and irons, there is not a single yards to be gain with it, I have some Topflite D2 Distance balls that are gaining a few yards over the Bandit. I can not say, it is a bad ball, but base on what it is sold for, it is not that......It is also mentionned about a special secret core which I just wonder what secret is it hidding?
ConsThe balls does not do what they claimed or what it is, smaller diameter etc. I even went to Bandit company directly to find some explanations, it seemed they were mad because I bought balls from Rock Buttoms, they were not cooperative at all..........
By Joe
Dunedin, FL
I Love This Ball!
December 2, 2014
After purchasing these balls and taking them to the course, I found myself out-driving my buddies by at least twenty yards. I was surprised myself. It has built up my confidence in all my clubs and now my driver is my most dependable club in the bag! It's the only ball I'll play from now on, as they're always in my bag.
ProsThe ball has a great feel to it off the driver. Even iron shots feel great.
ConsI wish I knew what the compression was just for my own information. I used to play Wilson Staff Duo with a 40 compression.
By Aaron
Thief River Falls, Minnesota
Added Distance
September 15, 2014
Added 5 to 10 yards off the tee!
By Flip
Coppock, IA
Good ball, bad golfer!
July 29, 2014
Plays well. Not sure if I noticed a difference. Golf is a mental game, I dont think these balls helped with that.
By Alice
North Carolina
If You Want Long, Buy This Ball
May 31, 2014
I have never hit a longer ball. My tee shots are flying past my foursome!
By Van
May 12, 2014
I got an extra 20 yards per drive with these. I am over 55 and my ability to "Power Drive" the ball is diminishing. I still play with folks much younger than me. I don't use these in tournaments. But on those "friendly matches" with my "flat bellied" young friends these balls are fun. I normally hit Pro V 1's for the control on the greens. I expected the Bandits to be difficult to stop on the greens. Much to my surprise. They will stick!.
ProsExcellent distance. Good control around the greens. YMMV
By Lynn
Long, Real Long
March 25, 2014
These balls do what they say they are going to do!!! I get roughly 25 more yards of carry on my drives. On hard fast fairways this ball rolls out a lot. Your playing partners will ask you, "What has gotten into you?"
ProsDistance, Great for second shots on par 5's
By Rich
Arlington ma
December 23, 2013
Gave as gift would not use myself
By slim
bend or
December 13, 2013
By Dwayne Richards
Roseville, CA
Bandit Golf Balls
November 29, 2013
So far I have hit this ball farther than any other ball. Will order more. Have not had a problem stopping it on the greens. Size and weight are standard. Have hit it better with fairway woods.
ProsLong with lots of roll.
By Jim
Central Jersey
great ball for the price
September 23, 2013
helps hits the long ball
By Trevor
Rapid City, SD
all talk
August 19, 2013
nothing better about these balls then the rest. all talk no action
By Jock
Milwaukee, WI
Not For Those Who Are Already Big Hitters.....Weird ball flight
July 1, 2013
Okay, so I bought these for fun because I wanted to see if they really would add extra distance to my drives. I am already a fairly big hitter with Multiple 300+ yard drives per round. When I really went at this ball and hit it dead nuts in the center of the face the max drive I hit was 307 yards....on the same hole I teed up my usual distance ball the B330 and went at that with the same clean strike and when we drove up this ball had a distance of 319 yards on my GPS device so I know it was accurate. So for those who already have a fast SS this ball wobbles in the air and almost dies when hit too hard, no benefit to those who are long already. Pinnacle Gold balls are legal and are longer than these are when looking for nothing but extra distance, at least from my observations. These balls do putt well but as expected can barely hold onto a green even if it is wet.
ProsPutt Well
ConsNo extra distance No Spin Wobbly Ball Flight
By Jim
Pine city, mn
Just as described
October 27, 2012
got 15 yards futher with these balls too bad they are for practice.
Prosdistance feel
Consnot legit