Ray Cook Golf
Ray Cook Golf- Classic Plus C1 Chipper

Ray Cook Golf- Classic Plus C1 Chipper

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Classic Plus C1


  • Premium cast heel shafted triangle head shape design
  • Sight alignment score lines on the face and an additional line in cavity aiding confident and accurate chips from around the green
  • Satin gray non-glare body finish with red and white accent sight lines
Ray Cook Golf
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Length & Lie:
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Mens Right Handed
Ray Cook Stock Rubber
Shaft Material:
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Ray Cook Stock Steel
Classic Plus C1
New, Factory Sealed
(1) Classic Plus C1 Chipper
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Product Reviews
By tar
Lima, OH
Nice putter
October 29, 2019
Can't review use as this is a Christmas present for someone. Looks nice!
By Doug
Warm but light
October 22, 2019
Not as heavy as it appears. I seem to have good control with this putter.
By Daniel
Short Hills, NJ
Ok putter
September 18, 2019
I got this putter to use on some local course with very slow green. Comparing some other brand name putter, it did not have softness feeling as I expect. So so
ConsFeeling a little bit stiff, small sweet spot
By Basherte
Lehigh Valley, PA
Equipment makes a difference. This purchase was an excellent value.
September 9, 2019
When my tennis club closed, that was the end of my 35 year twice-per-week tennis habit. I was 74.

When I couldn't find a pop-up hit behind me (but catchable by my younger self) I gave up baseball after 40 years in my league. I was 75.

What was left? Golf.

And though I had tried it in the past I had neither the patience nor the interest to pursue it further. But at this juncture it made sense. Besides, my cardiologist supported the idea. So I grabbed the same clubs I had purchased years before (a $200 starter set from Dick's) - and hit the links.

And of course I'm now hooked. Totally.

Long story short, little by little I've upgraded some. I purchased from a sporting goods store a driver that cost as much as my original set - and it was among the least expensive drivers on the display. That was sticker shock, though not quite sufficient to send me reeling back to that same cardiologist.

However my game did improve - at least off the tee.

Taking note of that I wondered where else might I want to upgrade, but preferably without sacrificing half of my disposable income. After all, some days I'd come off the course (as a rank beginner never having taken a lesson) and wonder if the manufacturer of my golf clubs had issued a recall - since they (the &$#@! clubs) were not responding to my continued Herculean efforts.

Also of course I saw little sense in heavy $$$ investment in equipment for merely semi-righteous golf skills.

My putting needed help as it was on life support; I had clergymen representing all faiths standing by in the event it was time for my short experience in golf to give up the ghost.

I found your site with a Google search and decided to spend the princely sum of $42 give or take (including shipping) for a putter that looked to my aging senior cataract repaired eyes to be 'interesting'.

I admit to having low expectations. How good could it be for such a modest sum?

OK, I get it - I'm hardly an expert. I'm not sure my opinion has any value whatever, granting my status as a duffer with a whopping two years experience on the course. Nonetheless, all these disclaimers notwithstanding, this putter you sent me is a flat-out winner in terms of balance, feel, heft - and results!

If this is a sample of what I can expect from Rock Bottom golf I'll be returning to your website early and often.

Excellent value, timely service, product true to its description rather than a hyped-up presentation, (which said hype, forgive me, is what I was anticipating).

Based upon this initial experience, your company has earned my highest recommendation. Beware please that you have set a high expectations bar.

Or as Schwarzenneger said, "I'll be back".
ProsExcellent quality for the money.
By David
New Market Tennessee
CL4 putter
September 3, 2019
People ask me all the time -What's the deference in a 300 dollars putter and a 50 dollar putter.

By David S.
Plant City,, Fl.
Great putter
August 29, 2019
I bought this one for a back up putter, but now it�€™s my go to putter! Could have paid more, but got a great deal. Anybody that wants a great putter needs to try this one.
ProsGood weight distribution
By Jeffrey
Kenmore New York
Great putter at a terrific price!
August 28, 2019
This putter has won PGA tournaments! A great looking putter at a terrific price. Great feel and a perfect weight for both long and short putts. You will definitely see an improvement in your putting with this putter.
ProsGreat price and a great feel with this putter.
By Richard
Love this putter
August 28, 2019
Love this putter and now own 2 of them so both my bags match. Just the right weight and my line accuracy has improved.
By Jeffrey
Kenmore New York
Great putter at a reasonable price!
August 28, 2019
This putter will help your scoring. True line and a perfect weight. I�€™m making more putts with this putter!
ProsNice quality and perfect color. Red hot and will make you a red hot putter!
By Mickey
August 26, 2019
Awesome putter very smooth
ProsThe big grip