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Ray Cook Golf LH M1 Chipper (Left Handed)

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Ray Cook Golf
Open Box:
Length & Lie:
Included (Matching)
Mens Left Handed
Ray Cook Stock Rubber
Shaft Material:
Shaft Name:
Ray Cook Stock Steel
New, Factory Sealed
(1) M1 Chipper
New to the Golf Lingo?

M1 Chipper

The M1 name has a winning heritage in the Ray Cook line. We have taken the name of one of the most successful putters of all time and designed the ultimate chipper which acts like a putter around the greens. So eliminate stubbing and blading shots around the greens by adding the new M1 chipper to your bag.


  • Modern "hybrid" design stainless steel club head
  • Clean, visual looking sight alignment aid for confident setup
  • Versatile use for short bump and run shots, 3-5 yard chips or even longer pitch shots
  • Firm, light steel shaft reduces twisting on impact
  • Soft feeling rubber compound grip


Length (") Loft (*) Lie (*)
35 37 70

Product Reviews

By Larry
It really works
July 26, 2022
It takes some getting used to. The head is very heavy and feels awkward when you first start using it. I've used it for a few rounds and it is working great now. The stock grip was fine, but I replaced it with a grip that matched the rest of my irons and at the same time added a counter balance weight. It feels a lot better now. I did notice that after minimal usage that the black paint has chipped off in a few places. I'm not going to worry about that, since it works so well.
The putter appearance makes it easier to remember to use a putter type stroke when hitting it, versus other chippers that look like irons. The alignment aid on the top makes it much easier to hit straighter shots compared to using an 8 iron. Paint chips with only minimal use, but doesn't affect performance - just cosmetic.
By Terry
South Dakota
M1 Chipper
June 17, 2022
This is a great club to add to your bag. I'm the worst chipper in the world, I put from 10 feet out of the green. Since I bought this club I know can chip on and within 5-7 feet of the pin. This is my new favorite club in my bag. It does exactly like they it does. Just use it like you would a putter. It pops right up in the air, nice and easy swing. Great club, get it and enjoy it!!!!
Upstate SC
Much Improved Chipping
May 30, 2022
I haven't had/used a chipper in 30+ years, but my chipping had gotten so inconsistent I thought I'd get a new one to try. Glad I did! I've only used it for a couple of rounds, but have been well pleased around the greens with the Ray Cook Chipper.

So far I've gotten better more consistent contact and roll, without the occasional "chunk" or "bladed" ball.
Like the overall shape and weighting Probably going to change the grip to a larger diameter to match grip size of other clubs
By Paul
Laguna Vista, TX
shaving and saving
May 8, 2022
Shaving strokes off my score by saving pars.
go feel less chance to chunk or blade chips none
By Charles
Saint Louis
Chipper performance
May 1, 2022
Just received my Ray Cook chipper and used it several times. It has exceeded my expectations in performance. Extremely easy to use and control my chipping distance. Delivered in a timely manner at a very reasonable price.
Easy to use and control distance None at this time
By Rojo
Great tool in the bag
March 2, 2021
This is the perfect around the green tool if you are within ~50 yards. It's very consistent and easy to hit, and it eliminates the dreaded chunked wedge. You can use a putting stroke to make a pretty simple pitch and run shot. So far so great.
Easy to use. Consistent. Does not replace a wedge for all shot types.
By Dave
Awesome around the green
August 4, 2020
For anyone who struggles between a putter and a wedge when just off the green, this club simplifies shots even at 20 yards off the green. It drastically improved my punch and run shots
Has a great feel (like a putter) with good weight but with a simple putter stroke, ball gets air and releases on impact. none
By Linniem
Tully, NY
Woo hoo
July 14, 2019
Loving my new chipper! Great loft and length just right for the ladies.
By Charles
Kansas city Mo. 64133, Missouri
Works for me
December 30, 2018
My son loves it
By Chuck
Coatesville, PA
Love It
December 10, 2018
This club could be a real game changer. I love the feel and look of this club. The guess work is removed when using this club from 20 yards and in (as long as it isn't a tight lie). Nice headcover but it's a little annoying taking it on and off because you'll be using the club quite a few times during a round. As always, RBG offered this at an outstanding price and quick delivery. Trust me, I've had the Cleveland Niblick and a couple of other and this one is a keeper.