Pre-Owned Odyssey White Hot XG Marxman Mallet Putter

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Odyssey Golf
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Odyssey Stock Steel
White Hot XG Marxman Mallet
(1) Putter
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The White Hot XG Marxman Putters are the latest in revolutionary alignment design from Odyssey. With their Hi-Def Alignment System, these putters offer every possible advantage so more putts start on the intended target line. A high level of mass positioned low and deep in the head is centered on the target line, promoting solid feel and true roll for putts that track to the hole. Features:
  • Two Hi-Def alignment stripes running the length of the putterhead make lining up putts easier and more accurate.
  • Multi-layer insert combines two materials with different properties to take the level of feedback, feel and distance control to an all-new, extreme level.
  • Multi-layer insert allows weight to be shifted to the perimeter of the putterhead for a high moment of inertia, better stability during the stroke and a truer roll.
  • In-line weighting with mass centered low and deep on the target line provides true roll and solid feel. The high moment of inertia provides amazing stability and helps keep the putter on-line during the stroke
  • Pre-Owned Club Conditions

    Condition: Like New

    Shows virtually no traces of wear, may have been hit one or more times in controlled conditions. May show signs of very minor "shop wear" (i.e. a single cosmetic blemish), but still full of NEWNESS!
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    Condition: Excellent

    Clubs have seen minimal usage and are in top of the line preowned condition. You may see some minor or faint cosmetic blemishes (i.e. very light scuffing and/or scratching). Typical wear that you will see on an Excellent condition club is normal ball marks that are lightly visible on the face, minimal scratching to the crown, sole and edges. Shaft has no noticeable wear.
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    Condition: Very Good

    Clubs have seen normal usage for an extended period of time or at least one season, the wear you’ll notice will be typical of the age of the model. All of the wear is purely cosmetic, and will not in any way affect the performance of the club. Typical wear you’ll see on a Very Good condition club is normal ball marks and scratching on the face, normal scratching on the sole, faint dings and nicks on the crown and/or around the edges of the head, light scratches, paint chips, paint blemishes on or around the crown. Shaft has minimal wear.
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    Condition: Value

    Clubs offer a great value for someone who isn't as interested in cosmetics, but cares about performance. Shows frequent to heavy use, but does not show any signs of abuse. All clubs in Value Condition are in 100% playable condition, which is the perfect option for the player looking for more bang for the buck. Typical wear you’ll see on a Value condition club is moderate to heavy ball marks and scratching on the face, moderate to heavy scratching on the sole, moderate to heavy dings and nicks on the crown and/or around the edges of the head, moderate to heavy scratches, and paint chips/ blemishes on or around the crown. Shaft will have noticeable wear.
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    Product Reviews

    By Stacy
    Accurate description
    November 1, 2022
    Was definitely �€œlike new�€. Still had the cellophane on the head and no signs of wear at all. Great addition to me set.
    By Jeff
    Western Kentucky
    November 1, 2022
    It is easy to hit and longer than my Mavrik. I love it.
    By Dan
    Love It!
    October 30, 2022
    Easy to hit. Great distance. Accurate. I would recommend this club.
    By Chris
    Venice, Florida
    Great Irons
    October 30, 2022
    Great Irons
    Great irons None
    By Chris
    Kernersville, North Carolina
    Great Hybrid
    October 28, 2022
    It took me a while to get this club sorted out but now that I have it is one of the most reliable clubs I have in my bag. The sound is great and the distance is great. Not as forgiving as some clubs but put in the time with it and it is well worth it.
    Feel Sound Distance Forgiveness
    By Chris
    Kernersville, North Carolina
    Best irons I have Swung
    October 28, 2022
    I purchased a pre owned set of these Callaway Apex 19 irons and I have to say they are amazing. The feel is great. The weight of the head is spot on for my swing, the only thing I am struggling with is the increased distance from my old set! Would recommend these to anyone!
    Forgiveness Distance Feel Weight None
    By Ryan
    Orcutt, California
    October 28, 2022
    By Barry
    Nashville, TN
    Great clubs
    October 26, 2022
    I�€™M an old guy looking for help to gain back some of the distance lost. Read the reviews on D-9 irons and made the move from forged irons to game improvement. Can�€™t afford the ridiculous prices of the big names, so I gave the D-9�€™s with graphite reg a try. Only played with them twice, but they look great in bag and standing over them. And they do fly high and long with center hits. Off-center sounds a little clanky but still work. Good clubs at a great price. RBG is good to work with regarding trade-in values and reward benefits. Very pleased. Oh, I�€™m actually hitting the 5-iron instead of a hybrid. Suppose I looked strange on driving range with big grin after a solid high flying 5-iron.
    By Charles
    Up Grade
    October 22, 2022
    I enjoy playing Exotic Hybrids and this one is a great feeling club. I feel like I strike the ball better with this C721. I am glad that I up grade my clubs. I will be ordering another one soon.
    By Matt
    Pre-Owned Titleist Golf 816 H1 Hybrid
    October 22, 2022
    The club was supposed to be in very good condition but was pretty scratched up and ended up returning after a tried it on the range and didn't like the results.