Cleveland Golf- LH Smart Sole Wedge (Left Handed)

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Cleveland's widest wedge sole has been engineered to prevent excess digging in turf and sand, promoting solid contact and consistent club head speed from every lie around the green.
Cleveland Golf
Open Box:
Length & Lie:
Not Available
Mens Left Handed
Cleveland Stock Rubber
Shaft Material:
Shaft Name:
Cleveland Stock Steel
Smart Sole
New, Factory Sealed
(1) Smart Sole Wedge
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Product Reviews
By Nick
Fernandina Beach, FL
January 31, 2018
Very happy with club
Club works as described around the greens. Not yet comfortable with it out of sand.
ProsPrice Quality
By John
January 11, 2018
easy loft from all lies
gives me that loft that I never got with any other wedge
Prosgives you that needed confidence
Conslittle heavier than I expected
By Ken
Ocean County, NJ
December 20, 2017
Good wedge around the green
Good club from about 50 yards in. Simply use a putter type stroke and the ball always goes where you aim. Distance control is a key and since it produces low running shots you will need some practice to avoid over shooting your target.
ProsEasy to use very few mishits
By Mary
November 9, 2017
I can now get out of the sand!!
By Ryan
Richmond, VA
October 23, 2017
Solid Chipper
I have the C wedge. This is my second chipper. I have found it very easy to use around the green. I had a fellow golfer laugh at me using "one of those chipping clubs." I then chipped one a couple of inches from the hole while he scorched his wedge shot to the other side of the green. He never said another word about it. It makes bump and run shots really easy. I plan to pick up the S wedge also
ProsSuper easy to hit Good price from Rock Bottom
ConsBlack finish may eventually show wear more than a different finish
By Mitch
Denville, New Jersey
October 4, 2017
What a wedge
Easy to get out of any sand trap without opening face.
ProsEasy to hit
By Jeffrey
Folsom, CA
September 26, 2017
Good looking nice wide sole
Gets the ball up in the air and lands softly
By The Golfin Guy
Lakeland, FL
August 27, 2017
Great Results
If you�€™re a high handicapper, please read on. Cleveland�€™s goal is to produce golf equipment that will benefit every level of golfer, from the touring professional to the weekend (or monthly) duffer. Their new Smart Sole 3 S wedge is aimed at players who struggle in the sand and around the green. The club features a three-tiered sole that improves turf interaction from all types of lies around the green, even for those with steeper swings. The 3 S utilizes Cleveland�€™s Feel Balance Technology, which effectively moves the center of gravity closer to the center of the clubface adding more forgiveness on full-length shots. Cleveland�€™s Smart Sole has three tiers and with good reason. The first tier is very similar in shape to any traditional wedge sole. When you�€™re hitting a square, full shot from the fairway that�€™s the part of the sole that will engage and it will play like a traditional wedge. The 2nd tier of the sole is designed to give you a little extra lift from the rough and help you get through the grass easier. The third and widest tier �€“ and in fact the other two �€“ engage when you play from the sand. The S wedge is 58° and with good reason. Since Joe Average may not be skilled enough to know to open the face from the sand, Cleveland has done it for him. The net result is that JAG can now take a fuller, more aggressive swing from the bunker. The company�€™s test show that these players were 50% more likely to get the ball out of the bunker, and 30% more likely to land the ball on the green with the Smart Sole 3 S wedge.
Proseasy out of the sand
By James
Norther Ab, Canada
August 19, 2017
Great Club for Beginners
Don't believe the hype. This is not a 100 yard club and in. Great around the green I've chipped 3 in from off the fridge after four rounds of golf. I took it out of my bag so that I could put my 56 degree back. Probably will sell it to my buddy who struggles around the green.
By Viv Anderson
greymouth new zealand
August 8, 2017
better than those new wedges that play themselves
easy to use great feel off most lies
Prosevan the grip is a nice feel to it