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Door To Door Sellers Tell Scratch What To Look For In Long Irons

Golf Irons Its going to be another long weekend lounging around the cave waiting for winter to finally be over. With less than a month to go before the Masters in Augusta, Scratch has begun dreaming more intensely the game. He can smell the freshly cut grass; and feel sun on his face, the slight breeze moving his hair, and his TaylorMade club gripping his long irons as he approaches the green. Unfortunately, this weekend supposed to be gray, dull and rainy yet again. Normally this would not stop Scratch, the die hard golfer, from grabbing his Wilson bag, a set of TaylorMade clubs, and a few balls and heading to the links. But the rain is coupled with a disgusting wind and bitter damp cold, so Scratch will tough out one more weekend inside on the couch watching the PGA Tour. He is envious of the beautiful courses the pros get to play on and the excellent new golf products that they get to tote around.

After a few hours, Scratch decided to get up and grab bag of chips and something to drink when the door bell rang. Who would be venturing out to pay him a surprise visit on a disgusting day like this? Scratch made his way to the door and saw two sellers were standing in the rain. Normally Scratch would have dismissed them, but since one of them looked like a golf pro and was carrying a cobra bag with a set of cobra long irons and a few boxes of balls, he decided to let them escape the rain for a bit.
The pair introduced themselves as Wilson and Taylor, the golf pro, fitting since they were sellers of golf equipment and Wilson and TaylorMade were great brand names. They went on to discuss their primary point of expertise, bags, balls and long irons. Taylor, the golf pro, quickly dove into long irons, discussing tips on choosing the best one. Scratch listened intently. He had never seen door to door golf sellers before. The pro went on to explain that perimeter weighted long irons in getting under the balls for a better point of contact. Wilson chimed in to say that if the golfer takes his time to slowly and accurately swing the long irons, the length of the shaft should take care of most of the work.

The sellers began to show Scratch the product they had brought. The bag, the long irons and the balls were all from Cobra, a brand Scratch had yet to use. Scratch listened intently as Taylor began to describe the benefits of the bag and the long irons. Wilson carried on about the balls. Scratch decided that while their information and product was great, he already had enough clubs and balls, and his bag was still in great shape. He thanked the two sellers for stopping by, they provided a great break from his dreary Saturday Afternoon, and had informed him about what to look for when he goes to purchase a new set of golf irons. Perhaps he will consider cobra on his next go.
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