Women's Golf Clubs

Ladies Golf Club FAQs

How are ladies' golf clubs different from men's?

Ladies Golf ClubsLadies' clubs are designed to be shorter, smaller, and lighter than a club made for a man.

Why are ladies' clubs designed to be lighter and faster than golf clubs made for men?

Since, statistically, women tend to be shorter than men with less upper body strength, ladies' clubs are built to compensate. A lighter golf club allows you to generate more speed, and of course, a more significant impact. Additionally, ladies' clubs are shorter. Shorter clubs are designed for those heights more common in women.

Why is club weight a key consideration when selecting ladies clubs?

One critical factor in choosing a club for long drives is club speed. Ladies' clubs are lighter and designed to help you if you do not have upper body strength.

Why is a flexible shaft an essential factor in ladies' clubs?

A flexible shaft is another essential feature, useful in helping you generate more impact on the ball. In contrast, a stiffer shaft tends to be heavier and harder to swing for golfers that generate less power. A flexible shaft is meant to compensate for this with a design that allows a golfer more inertia with their swinging motion.

Why are many ladies' clubs designed with a high loft?

A higher loft can help generate more height on the ball by altering the angle of the ball. This can help make up for less power in the swing. One example of this type of club is the Ladies Big Bertha REVA Irons by Callaway. These are designed with an optimized loft. The Big Bertha shaft also is designed with a speed-enhancing, lighter shaft and a thinner specialized grip.

Can a man use a woman's club?

Yes. The question is whether it is the right club for your unique needs—two critical things to keep in mind. One, you want a club suitable for your height. Second, you want to make sure the club integrates well with the speed of your swing along with other key elements.

Should a taller female use women's clubs?

If you are taller than the average women, men's clubs may be a good choice if the design of a particular men's club complements your swing style. Since ladies' clubs are designed for a shorter golfer, a female that is as tall or taller than the average male might find the shorter club impractical. In that case, their height might be more suited to a club designed for a man. However, it is still important to take into account other factors like launch angle and swing speed.

Is there a way to tell if a golf club is designed for a woman?

It is an industry-standard that clubs made for ladies, lefties, and juniors are labeled as such. So rest assured that if you are looking for a specific club made for ladies, the label "ladies" will appear somewhere in either the name of the golf club, the club specifications, or the club description.