Golf Clubs

Choosing Golf Clubs

Quick Tips For Beginners

As every golfer knows, you can have up to 14 clubs in your bag...well at least if you're following the official rules. The key is knowing which 14 clubs are right for YOU! An aspiring pro needs different clubs than a 10 handicapper, while most weekend warriors needs something super forgiving to shoot their best. Lucky for you, no matter your skill level Rock Bottom has what you need!

Let's start with the long game. While the putter may be the most important club in your bag, if you can't swing your driver well you're gong to have a LONG day on the course. If you have a slower swing speed, generally you're going to want clubs with a regular or senior (lite) flex along with a higher loft to help get the ball into the air. Vice versa for higher swing speeds. Find a stiff or extra stiff flex with a lower loft to get the most distance out of your driver and fairway woods.
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On to irons. Are you a higher handicap? Not even sure what a handicap is? Look for some oversize irons with a hybrid or two to replace the longer 3 and 4 irons. If your handicap is lower you're going to want to look for irons with a more standard head size to maximize distance. Ready for the tour? Well let me show you to our blades! Let's face's hard for us regular players to even say the b-word without shaking a little.
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On to the short game. Let's start with this are NOT Phil Mickelson. Most of us are not going to be able to tell the difference between a 54* and a 56* sand wedge. Space your wedges out 4 or 5 degrees. Generally a pitching wedge along with a gap and sand wedge will suit most golfers. If you're a long hitter, you may want to add a lob wedge as well.
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Now you're on the green and you're breaking out your *gulp* putter. Make sure you're choosing the proper height for your putter. The shaft should fall in line with your forearm upon address. Ensure you're hands fit neatly on the grip and your hold feels natural. If you're hands are awkwardly low or even off the grip, then guess what? Your putter is too long!
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At Rock Bottom Golf we believe that the proper golf equipment should be within everyone's reach and have made it our mission to make that possible.