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    Golf Driver FAQ

    What Things Should You Look For When You Pick A Golf Driver?

    Golf DriversOne thing to consider is the head size of the club. Having the appropriate amount of area on the face of the club is critical. The driver face area provides the striking area for the golf ball.

    In addition to the head size, you also need to think about the shaft material. Shafts come in different materials, from steel to titanium. The weight will impact your swing, which means it is an important selection consideration. Shaft length is important as well. The ideal shaft length can vary from player to player and can mean the difference between hitting long bombs that help the ball reach the green or hitting wild shots off the tee that invite the ball to take a permanent vacation in the woods or water trap.

    Finally, you want to consider the loft. The loft is the angle of the clubface relative to the shaft. The loft is an important factor to consider in driver selection, and it will affect the ball flight trajectory and distance. Also, getting a club fitting at your local pro shop can help you determine what driver metrics can improve your game off the tee!

    What is the best material for a golf driver?

    The use of titanium and graphite offers strength and durability without the weight of steel or traditional woods. Because of this, drivers made from these materials make an excellent choice.

    Are there illegal golf drivers?

    The United States Golf Association has regulations on golf drivers. These regulate the size of the clubface and the shaft length. This does not mean you cannot go a few rounds on the course with a club that does not meet USGA standards. It just means they are not allowed in tournament play.

    When should I replace my golf driver?

    Depending on your club usage, they may need to be replaced every 2 to 5 years. One important thing to look for is wear and tear on the club. These are signs that it may be time to look for that replacement club.

    What is the sweet spot of a golf driver?

    The sweet spot of the golf driver club is the area on the clubface that provides the optimal ball impact point. Simply put, this is the area of the club that will provide the best ball flight results off the tee. Many believe that on a golf driver, a larger sweet spot is better. By using stronger but lighter materials, golf manufacturers have been able to create drivers that have a large head and sweet spot without negatively impacting a golfer's swing.

    Does swing speed matter when I select a driver?

    Swing speed is another important factor when choosing your golf driver. Many driver specifications can impact swing speed like shaft material, weight, and length. The driver's head shape, material, and weight can also impact swing speed. In short, a faster swing speed can translate into a longer ball flight off the tee.

    What are adjustable drivers and what advantages do they offer?

    Many clubs are designed to allow adjustments that can help improve shot performance. These adjustments may include the clubhead loft angle and weight distribution. These options open up a whole range of possibilities for the more experienced golfer.

    What should a beginner look for when purchasing a driver?

    A beginner should look for the most "forgiving" driver. A driver with a bigger sweet spot and a driver that will help the ball find its target even if the shot isn't perfectly hit.

    Are there golf drivers that help prevent a slice?

    One dreaded mistake when hitting a ball is curving it high and to the right (for a right-handed player). The official term is the slice. Some clubs are designed to help counter a slice right out of the package. And if you have an adjustable driver head, redistributing the weight in the head can help counter a swing style that tends to slice.

    A Few Of Our Favorite Golf Drivers For 2021

    Cobra King RadSpeed Driver

    The Cobra RadSpeed Golf Drivers are Cobra's lowest spin drivers that are equipped with radical ball speeds. With Radial Weighting, Cobra increased the distance between the back and front weights in the driver's head for greater forgiveness while maintaining faster ball speeds.
    Check them out here!

    TaylorMade SIM2 Driver

    TaylorMade totally reconstructed the SIM2 Drivers! Redesigned from the ground up with improved aerodynamics and optimized head weighting, the SIM2 provides the player much better forgiveness and shot distance off the tee!
    Check out the SIM2 Golf Drivers!

    Callaway Epic Max Driver

    Were you looking for a driver designed with the help of A.I.? Well, then the Callaway Epic Max Driver is definitely for you! Callaway's Jailbreak driver head technology is an industry first, but now that same technology has been improved even more with the help of A.I. for better ball speeds across the whole driver face.
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    Customer Reviews

    By Grady F.
    Wilson. NC
    August 20th, 2021
    Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver
    Great feel and nice distance. Took basically no time to become accustomed to the setup needed to hit quality drives.
    By Craig S.
    August 19th, 2021
    Great driver
    I have a TSi2 with a Kuro Kage shaft. Very forgiving and long. Titleist is always great stuff. Longer, lighter and more forgiving.
    By Fer
    Plainfield, IN
    August 15th, 2021
    Why did I wait so long?
    Finally upgraded my 910D2 and woah man, this Mizuno just makes the ball warp speed down the fairway. I always got along well enough with my old Titleist but mis-hits were not forgiving. Yesterday I heeled my first drive of the morning and I watched it fly and still get me 280 yds. I was blown away. A shot like that would've been lucky to get me 200 yds with my old 910D2. The next couple of drives were phenomenal, low spin and just straight and piercing. I had 3 300+ yd drives, and many more to come with my new Mizuno. Thanks for the bargain RBG! Got it for 224 plus tax, Diamana shaft is my best fit, glad it was stock with this driver
    By heath
    Ligonier, Pennsylvania
    August 14th, 2021
    Taught myself to golf this month
    REVIEW FROM ARNOLD PALMER LAND I was using an old Nike Ignite driver before this and struggling w loft and accuracy. I've taken this Mizuno to the range twice now and I'm hitting them 250-300 yards straight, w decent consistency. This driver is so forgiving and goes a mile. *for context* Although I'm a new golfer, I'm an amateur bodybuilder who is 6'4 210 lbs lean so I can swing the club as fast as anyone, I'm not saying everyone is just going to start hitting 300 yard bombs, but I am now. Now I feel like our local hometown hero Arnie himself!
    By John
    North central Indiana
    August 10th, 2021
    Cobra fan
    First few rounds I noticed that I was hitting the ball straighter but didn't really gain any distance from my older Cobra driver. But as I became more comfortable with it, I'm noticing the distance. Maybe an extra 10-15 yards. Like every Cobra driver I have ever owned, it's really forgiving, and when I catch the sweet spot, I'm hitting it longer than ever! Great price and fast delivery!