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    Golf Shorts FAQ

    What is an advantage of golf shorts over pants?

    Golf ShortsThey are lighter and cooler than golf pants. Additionally, they allow more freedom of movement.

    Are golf shorts essentially the same as shorts that are not labeled specifically for golf?

    Golf shorts have essential features that are specifically designed for the needs of the golfers on the course. Fabrics used in golf shorts are ideal for movement. They are also designed to help dissipate heat, an essential feature on a hot day.

    What should you consider when choosing the right fit for your golf shorts?

    While you want to be comfortable, you do not want shorts that are either too tight or too loose as these could become constricting or distracting on the course.

    What is one feature of golf shorts you do not want to overlook?

    Pockets are something you want to have in abundance. Whether it’s for carrying extra golf balls or some extra golf tees, it is convenient to have multiple pockets. An example of this is the Etonic Golf Performance Core Shorts. These feature four pockets to make sure you are prepared.

    What features on golf shorts can help keep you cooler on hot days?

    Shorts with moisture-absorbing or moisture-wicking fabrics can keep you cooler by absorbing perspiration off the body. The result is you feel cooler longer. Adidas Golf USA Shorts offer this feature to keep you drier on the course.

    Why is stretchability important when you purchase golf shorts?

    Stretchability allows freedom of movement, which is very important when you swing the club or move on the course.

    Why is easy maintenance so important when choosing your golf shorts?

    Golf shorts that are easy to care for and maintain are important because you want to make sure your shorts remain in good condition, even after the first time you wear them.